Courses not available to General Course students in 2015/16

(H) means a half-unit course


AC102 Elements of Financial Accounting (H)
AC103 Elements of Management Accounting and Financial Management (H)
AC104 Elements of Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Financial Management
AC330 Financial Accounting, Analysis and Valuation
AC340 Auditing, Governance and Risk Management



AN300 Advanced Theory of Social Anthropology 
AN399 Ethnography as Research Method and Text



EC310 Behavioural Economics
EC331 Quantitative Economics Project


Economic History

EH211 Africa and the World Economy, 1500 - 2000
EH237 Theories and Evidence in Economic History
EH301 The Origins of the World Economy, 1450 - 1750
EH304 The Economic History of North America: from Colonial Times to the Cold War
EH308 Historical Economic Geography: Cities, Markets and Regions in the 19th and 20th Centuries
EH325 Issues in Modern Japanese Economic Development: Late Industrialisation, Imperialism and High Speed Growth
EH326 Innovation and its Finance in the 19th and 20th Centuries
EH327 China's Traditional Economy and its Growth in the Very Long-Term
EH390 Dissertation in Economic or Social History



GV311 British Government
GV314 Empirical Research in Government
GV335 African Political Economy (H)
GV390 Government Essay Option


Geography and Environment

GY240 Research Techniques (Spatial, Social and Environmental)
GY2A0 Research Techniques (Spatial, Social and Environmental)
GY305 Urban and Spatial Economic Analysis II
GY350 Independent Research Project


International History

HY300 Dissertation


International Relations

IR398 Dissertation



LL202 Commercial Contracts
LL204 Advanced Torts
LL242 International Protection of Human Rights
LL253 The Law of Corporate Insolvency
LL298 Essay on an approved Legal Topic (H)
LL299 Full Unit Essay Option



MG100 Leadership and Communication in Teams (H)
MG101 Core Business Disciplines I: Finance and Operations Management (H)
MG102 Organisational Behaviour (H)
MG201 Core Disciplines II: Marketing, Human Resource Management and Information Management
MG303 The Future of the Multinational Firm (H)


Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method

PH299 Essay on an Approved Subject in Philosophy


Social Policy

SA204 Education Policy
SA320 Comparative and international Social Policy
SA349 A Long Essay on an Approved Topic



SO302 Sociological Project



ST211 Applied Regression (H)
ST312 Applied Statistics Project