Updated undergraduate course and programme information 2013/14

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The following information provides undergraduate students with a summary of new courses course and programmes being offered in the 2013-14 session. It is intended to help you when you are selecting your courses.

Undergraduate courses

New courses for 2013-14
The School is pleased to be able to offer the following new courses in 2013-14.  Links to this information will follow soon.

Department of Accounting:

AC104 Elements of Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Financial Management


Department of Economic History:

EH204 Money and Finance: From the Middle Ages to Modernity

EH308 Historical Economic Geography: Cities, Markets and Regions in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Department of Government courses:

GV311 British Government

GV312 Advanced Topics in Government: Executive Politics

Department of International History courses:

HY241 What is History? Methods and Debates

HY243 The Islamic World in the Era of the Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal Empires, ca 1400 - ca 1800

HY242 The Soviet Union: Domestic, International and Intellectual History

HY322 Nazi Germany and the Second World War - Causes and Course, 1933-1945

Department of Management:

MG201 Core Business Disciplines II: Marketing, Human Resource Management and Information Management

MG209 E-business (H)

MG202 Analytical Methods for Management

MG228 Evolutionary Approaches to Behaviour and Management (H)

MG205 Learning from Quantitative Data

MG302 Topics in Management Research (H)

MG206 Firms, Management and Competitive Advantage (H)

MG305 Innovation and Technology Management (H)

MG208 Business Transformation and Project Management (H)


Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method courses:

PH227 Genes, Brains, and Society: Philosophical Issues in the Biomedical Sciences (H)

PH229 Global Justice (H)

PH228 Emotion, Cognition and Behaviour: Science and Policy (H)


Department of Social Policy:

SA223 Health and Social Care Policy


Department of Sociology courses:

SO102 Statistics in Society

SO230 Digital Technology, Speed and Culture


Course code changes from 2013-14
The following courses have changed codes for the 2013-14 session.  Course codes are used to register you for courses in the School.

Old code

New code

Government Department courses:

GV310 Democracy and Democratisation

Change code to GV245

GV350 Theories and Problems of Nationalism

Change code to GV247

GV351 Government, Politics and Public Policy in the European Union

Change code to GV251

Managerial Economics and Strategy group courses:

MN201 Economics for Management

Change code to MG207

Statistics Department courses:

ST212 Applied Statistics Project (H)

Change code to ST312


Course title changes from 2013-14
The following courses have changed their title for the 2013-14 session.  Course details can be viewed by clicking on the relevant link below.

Old title

New title

Anthropology Department:

AN216 Cognition and Anthropology (H)

Cognition and Anthropology: Human Development in Cultural Environments (H)

International Relations Department:

IR100 The Structure of International Society

Concepts of International Society

Law Department:

LL241 Introduction to Civil Law

European Legal History

Philosophy Department:

PH220 Evidence and Scientific Method

Scientific Method and Policy

Social Policy Department:

SA103 Population, Economy and Society

Introduction to Global Population Change


Suspended courses for 2013-14
We regret we are unable to offer the following courses in the 2013-14 session.  For alternative option courses you should consult your academic adviser.

Anthropology Department courses:

AN231 The Anthropology of China (H)

AN246 The Anthropology of Post-Soviet Eurasia (H)

AN235 The Anthropology of Southern Africa (H)

AN247 Anthropological Approaches to Questions of Being (H)

AN238 Anthropology and Human Rights (H)

AN250 Anthropology of South Asia (H)

AN240 Investigating the Philippines: New Approaches and Ethnographic Contexts (H)

AN251 Cognition & Anthropology: Learning and Thinking in Relation to Social Institutions (H)

AN243 Children and Youth in Contemporary Ethnography (H)

AN268 The Anthropology of Schooling (H)

AN245 The Anthropology of Borders and Boundaries (H)

AN269 The Anthropology of Amazonia (H)

Economic History Department courses:

EH205 Towns, Society and Economy in England and Europe, 1450-1750

EH301 Origins of the World Economy

EH207 The Making of an Economic Superpower: China since 1850

EH307 The Economic History of South Asia, 1600-2000

EH220 Comparative Economic Development: Late Industrialisation in Russia, India and Japan


Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour Group courses:

ID222 Managing Employment Law (H)

ID301 Leadership in Organisations: Theory and Practice (H)

ID290 Human Resource Management


Geography & Environment Department courses:

GY244 London's Geographies


Government Department courses:

GV303 From Empire to Globalization

GV314 Empirical Research in Government

GV312 Advanced Topics in Government: Executive Politics

GV366 Political Economy of the Developing World

International History Department courses:

HY232 Frontiers of Nationalism, Statehood and Independence: the History of South-Eastern Europe 1914-1990

HY238 The Cold War and European Integration, 1947-1992

International Relations Department courses:

IR313 Managing China's Rise in East Asia (H)

IR314 Southeast Asia: Intra-regional Politics and Security (H)

Law Department courses:

LL250 Law and the Environment

LL295 Media Law

Management Department courses:

MG302 Topics in Management Research (H)


Management Science Group courses:

OR302 Applied Management Sciences


Social Policy Department courses:

SA204 Educational Policy

SA221 Poverty, Social Exclusion and Social Change

Social Psychology Department courses:

PS203 Societal Psychology: Theory and Applications


Sociology Department courses:


SO210 Crime, Deviance and Control

SO307 Human Rights, Social Suffering and Justice


Withdrawn courses from 2013-14
The following courses will be permanently withdrawn, and no longer available in the 2013-14 session. For alternative option courses, please consult your academic adviser.

Anthropology Department courses:

AN248 Ethnography of a Selected Region (H)


Economic History Department courses:

EH203 From Money to Finance: European Financial History, 800-1750

EH206 The Evolution of Economic Policy in Advanced Economies

Government Department courses:

GV265 States, Nations and Empires


Information Systems and Innovation Group courses:

IS143 Information Technology and Society

IS340 Information Systems in Business

International History Department courses:

HY304 Germany's New Order in Europe, 1939-1945


Management and Strategy Group courses:

MN200 Management: Theory and Evidence

MN203 Social Science Methods for Management

Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method courses:

PH218 Philosophy of the Biological and Cognitive Sciences


Department of Statistics courses:

ST103 Statistical Methods for Social Research