Updated undergraduate information 2020/21 - for Prospective students

The following information provides prospective undergraduate students with a summary of new course and programme information being offered in the 2020/21 session:

This page will continue to be updated throughout the academic year as changes are confirmed by departments.

Substantive changes to programme regulations  |  New courses  

Undergraduate programmes

Suspended programmes for 2020/21
The following programmes have been Suspended for the 2020/21 session.

Department Social Policy

 BSc in Criminology



Substantive changes to programme regulations from 2020/21
The following programmes will change their structure, course options and/or other elements of the programme regulations from the 2020/21 session.

Department of International History:

BSc in International Relations and History

Change to Year 1 core courses; removal of unassessed course HY119.

BA in History

Change to Year 1 core courses; removal of unassessed course HY119; addition of new Paper 3 core course.


Undergraduate courses

New courses for 2020/21
The School is pleased to be able to offer the following new courses in 2020/21:  

Department of Economic History courses:

EH391 Dissertation in Historical Economic Geography (1.0)

Department of International History courses:

HY120 Historical Approaches to the Modern World (1.0)

Language Centre courses:

LN241 Mandarin for International Relations (Elementary) (1.0)

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science courses:

PB200 Biological Psychology (0.5)

PB201 Cognitive Psychology (0.5)

PB202 Developmental Psychology (0.5)

PB203 Intermediate Research Methods for Psychological and Behavioural Science: A Methodological Toolkit (0.5)

PB204 Social Psychology: Groups and Inter-Group Relations (0.5)

PB205 Society of Individuals: How variation in ability, personality and values affects social & political behaviour (0.5)

PB211 Intermediate Quantitative Methods for Psychological and Behavioural Science (0.5)


Department of Social Policy courses:

SP210 Development and Social Change (1.0)

SP270 Understanding Crime and Punishment (1.0)

SP273 Comparative Criminology (0.5)



Withdrawn courses for  2020/21
The following courses hav been withdrawn for the 2020/21 session.  For alternative option courses you should consult your academic adviser.

Department of Accounting courses:

AC310 Management Accounting, Financial Management and Organisational Control (1.0)

AC330 Financial Accounting, Analysis and Valuation (1.0)

AC340 Auditing, Governance and Risk Management (1.0)