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LSE Growth Commission,
London School of Economics,
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Tel: +44 20 7955 7285
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Email: lsegrowth@lse.ac.uk




The LSE Growth Commission provides authoritative and evidence-based policy recommendations that aim to foster sustainable and inclusive long-term growth in the UK.

In 2013 the Commission published a book, Investing for Prosperity: Skills, Infrastructure and innovation The book builds on the findings of our first report and is available in all good bookshops.

Our first set of recommendations were widely discussed and some, notably on infrastructure, turned into concrete action by UK policymakers. Press coverage of our first report, and the related studies can be found on the tabs below.

The UK now faces fresh questions about its economic future, including its relationship with the EU, the future of the City of London, the role of industrial policy, and new developments in labour markets. In January we will publish a second chapter of our growth manifeto, providing recommendations in these four areas.

The commission aims to be an open forum in which a diverse range of views are discussed. So over the next three three months, we will be holding evidence sessions with academics, policy experts and business leaders.

LSE Growth Commission Book Published

This book, based on the work of the LSE Growth Commission and greatly expanding upon its first published report, argues that the UK should build on its strengths and proposes how we can address the inadequate institutional structures that have deterred long-term investment to support our future prosperity.

Why democracies aren't good at bridge-building

The London School of Economics Growth Commission, a panel of academics, former government officials and business leaders, has just published a report on how to improve Britain’s economic performance...a notable piece of work that deserves to be widely read, and not just in Britain. Bloomberg, 5 February 2013.

We've been on a roll - and can do it again

"...LSE Growth Commission stressed that Britain approaches the future with very considerable advantages, and an economy that is far from broken". Sunday Times, 3 February 2013

Planning for long-term growth tells us what we should do in the short-term

"...the path to future prosperity is decidedly one involving, indeed demanding, government involvement in the economy rather than stepping back." New Statesman, 1 February 2013

A growth manifesto

It is tempting to think Britain is well past its best...But a proposal-packed new report compiled by a panel of academics, policymakers and business experts is more optimistic. The Economist, 1 February 2013

UK needs industrial strategy, LSE economists say

Britain urgently needs new institutions to ensure vital infrastructure projects are not derailed by political indecision if the country is to prosper in the future, the LSE has demanded in a “manifesto for growth”. Daily Telegraph 31 January 2013

Britain needs a long term prosperity plan

Help investors to make commitments, write John Van Reenen and Richard Lambert. Financial Times, 30 January 2013.

For all of our press coverage, please visit the Press Cuttings page

LSE Growth Commission Panel Event - What next for UK Growth? 02-11-2016

Featuring: Vince Cable, Alistair Darling, Stephanie Flanders and George Osborne
In 2016 the UK now faces new questions about its economic future. This esteemed panel have agreed to feed in to the Commission's 2016 deliberations.

Evidence Session - labour markets and inclusive growth 17-11-2016

Featuring: David Autor (MIT), Richard Blundell (UCL & IFS), Gavin Kelly (Resolution Foundation) and Rain Newton Smith (CBI)

For all of our event information, please visit the Evidence Sessions page

Future Scotland: Future Growth - Going for Growth

John Van Reenen, presentation to Scottish Council for Development & Industry event, 19 April 2012. Download Slides

Investing for Prosperity

John Van Reenen and Nichols Stern present the LSE Growth Commission Report to OECD Secretary General and colleagues, 16 April 2013. Download Slides

UK Growth Performance

John Van Reenen, presentation to Department of Communities & Local Government, October 2012

All the latest growth-related research from our commissioners is available on our Latest Research webpage.
The LSE Growth Commission and its research team welcome comments and suggestions from external thinkers in academia, business and policy. If you would like to give evidence or submit your comments, please email lsegrowth@lse.ac.uk.

Please visit our Contributors page to read all submissions so far.


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