Reiss, Julian

Professor Julian Reiss  


Position held

Non LSE positions held

Centre for Humanities, Engaging Science and Society (CHESS), University of Durham



Department of Philosophy, University of Durham

Professor of Philosophy


Experience keywords:

causal inference; causation; counterfactuals; evidence; instrumentalism; models; philosophy of economics; philosophy of medicine; philosophy of science; philosophy of social science; science and values; simulations; thought experiments

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Professor Reiss works on issues in general philosophy of science, philosophy of medicine, philosophy of social science and philosophy of economics. Specific topics include causation and causal inference, counterfactuals, evidence in the biomedical and social sciences, models, simulations and thought experiments, and instrumentalism.

He is also interested in normative dimensions of the sciences concerning for instance the influence of value judgements on the choice of research projects, the interpretation of data and research results.


Arabic [Spoken: Basic, Written: Basic]; French [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]; German [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]

Media experience:

Radio; TV

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