Hartley, Janet

Professor Janet Hartley  


Position held

Professor of International History


co-head of the Russia Studies Programme


Experience keywords:

18th century; 19th century; Russian archival materials; Russian history; Russian social history; Siberia; Soviet archival materials

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Research interests in eighteenth and nineteenth century Russian history, including social, cultural, legal, institutional and diplomatic history. She has written a study of Charles Whitworth, English diplomat in Russia and other European countries in the first quarter of the eighteenth century, and her most recent book is 'Russia, 1762-1825: Military Power, the State and the People', published in 2008. She is currently writing a history of Siberia.


French [Spoken: Basic, Written: Basic]; Russian [Spoken: Intermediate, Written: Intermediate]

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Hartley, Janet and Scott, Hamish (2016) de Madariaga, Isabel Margaret, 1919-2014 Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy, XV. 217-244.


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Hartley, Janet (2014) A land of limitless possibilities: British commerce and trade in Siberia in the early twentieth century Sibirica: Interdisciplinary Journal of Siberian Studies, 13 (3). 1-21. ISSN 1361-7362

Hartley, Janet (2014) Siberia: a history of the people Yale University Press, London, UK. ISBN 9780300167948


Hartley, Janet (2013) Полтавская битва — поворотный пункт в англо-российских отношениях Преподавание истории и обществознания в школе (6). 60-68. ISSN 2074-4935

Hartley, Janet (2013) The army: prisons and prisoners In: Bogatyrev, Sergei and Dixon, Simon and Hartley, Janet, (eds.) History and Literature in Eighteenth-Century Russia. International conference of the Study Group on Eightenth-Century Russia (VIII). Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia, London, UK. ISBN 9780950331492


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Hartley, Janet (2005) The patriotism of the Russian army in the 'patriotic' or 'fatherland' war of 1812 In: Esdaile, Charles J., (ed.) Popular Resistance in the French Wars: Patriots, Partisans and Land Pirates. Palgrave, Basingstoke, UK, 181-200. ISBN 1403938261

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Hartley, Janet (1999) A social history of the Russian Empire 1650-1825 Social history of Europe. Longman, Harlow. ISBN 9780582215283

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