Rossdale , Chris

Dr Chris Rossdale LSE Fellow in International Relations Theory 


Position held

LSE Fellow in International Relations Theory


Experience keywords:

anarchism; feminist and queer international theory; militarism and anti-militarism ; resistance ; social movements

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Rossdale, Chris (2017) Resisting militarism: security, subjectivity and subversion in contemporary movements Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, UK. (In Press)

Rossdale, Chris (2017) The contemporary politics of anti-militarism In: Gordon, Uri and Kinna, Ruth, (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Radical Politics. Routledge.

Rossdale, Chris (2017) The age of security: anarchism and critical security studies In: Levy, Carl and Newman, Saul, (eds.) The Anarchist Imagination. Routledge, London, UK.

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Rossdale, Chris, ed (2016) Occupying subjectivity: being and becoming radical in the 21st century Rethinking globalizations. Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 9781138125063

Rossdale, Chris and Stierl, Maurice (2016) Everything is dangerous: conduct and counter-conduct in the Occupy movement Global Society, 30 (2). 157-178. ISSN 1360-0826


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Rossdale, Chris (2015) Between innocence and deconstruction: rethinking political solidarity The Disorder Of Things (11 Jan 2015) Blog entry

Rossdale, Chris (2015) Enclosing critique: the limits of ontological security International Political Sociology, 9 (4). 369-386. ISSN 1749-5679

Rossdale, Chris (2015) Dancing ourselves to death: the subject of Emma Goldman's Nietzschean anarchism Globalizations, 12 (1). 116-133. ISSN 1474-7731


Rossdale, Chris (2010) Anarchy is what anarchists make of it: reclaiming the concept of agency in IR and security studies Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 39 (2). 483-501. ISSN 0305-8298

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My research sits at the intersection between international relations theory and the study of resistance, looking at the ways in which our understandings of international politics shift when we begin from the perspective of radical social movements. My major research programme to-date has looked at the ways in which anti-militarist social movements can help us rethink (and better resist) the concepts and politics of security and militarism. I am currently developing a new project which interrogates the role of political solidarity in the international system through the lens of Palestine solidarity movements.

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