Klaas, Brian

Dr Brian Klaas  


Position held

Fellow in Comparative Politics


Experience keywords:

American politics; US foreign policy; Western foreign policy; authoritarianism; civil wars; conflict; democracy; despotism; dictatorships; diplomacy; election rigging; elections; electoral systems; global democracy; political campaigns

Sectors and industries to which research relates:

Consultancy; Policy and Regulatory Bodies; Public Administration

Countries and regions to which research relates:

Belarus; Middle East; Southeast Asia; Sub-Saharan Africa; Thailand; Tunisia; United States


French [Spoken: Intermediate, Written: Intermediate]

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Dr. Brian Klaas is an expert on global democracy, democratic transitions, American politics, Western foreign policy, political violence, and elections -- and the security and economic risks of all these challenges. Klaas is the author of the forthcoming book, "The Despot's Accomplice: How the West is Aiding & Abetting the Decline of Democracy," (Hurst & Co./Oxford University Press) published in October 2016 and due for release in the US on March 1, 2017. He is a Fellow in Global and Comparative Politics at the London School of Economics. Klaas has advised governments, multi-billion dollar investors, international NGOs, and high-profile politicians.

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