Results for search term: conflict resolution.

Expert ImageProfessor Sumantra Bose
Department of Government
Experience keywords: Israeli Palestinian conflict; Sri Lanka; peace processes; former Yugoslavia; Kashmir; India; Bosnia; democratisation; ethnic conflict; conflict resolution

Expert ImageMr Mark Hoffman
Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: third party mediation; peace processes; Moldova; contemporary international relations theory; conflict resolution

Expert ImageDr Jens Meierhenrich
Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: conflict resolution; transitional justice; foreign, comparative, and international law; international courts and international organizations; crimes against humanity; war crimes; genocide

Expert ImageDr Mareike Schomerus
Department of International Development
Experience keywords: humanitarian aid; human security; small arms; peacebuilding; Lord's Resistance Army (LRA); peacemaking; conflict resolution; media; peace processes; violent conflict

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