Wearing, Sadie

Dr Sadie Wearing  


Position held

Lecturer in Gender Theory, Culture and Media


Experience keywords:

gender and feminist theory; aging and subjectivity in literature, culture and media; feminist film theory; gender and feminist theory; representation

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Sadie Wearing's research and teaching interests are in the critical analysis of literary, visual and media culture with specific interest in representations of aging, temporality and memory in both historical and contemporary contexts. Her work is concerned with questions of the political implications of deployments of cultural understandings of time, memory and the body. Specifically she examines the ways in which literary and cinematic narratives articulate contested cultural processes including questions of public and private memory, national identity, heritage and belongings, gender sexuality and aging. She has written on the questions raised by adaptations of literary and biographical texts and the specificity of cinematic forms of memory and forgetting, and at how these might be understood in relation to postcolonial theory, postfeminism and contemporary formations of celebrity. Her recent work examines the ways in which cinema, literature and popular culture reflect and complicate wider cultural assumptions about aging, memory and temporality, and the complexity of the ways in which aging subjectivities, constructions and embodiments are produced and reproduced.

Sectors and industries to which research relates:

Creative Industries and Culture

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+44 (0)20 7955 7194



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