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LSE Mackinder programme for the study of long wave events

LSE Mackinder Programme for the Study of Long Wave Events is an interdisciplinary research programme.

It has been established to promote new approaches to and improved methods for research on that class of geopolitical issues - long wave events - which pose some of the greatest challenges to the 21st century.

These include socio-physical phenomena, such as the HIV/AIDS endemic or global climate change, socio-cultural phenomena such as technological "lock-in" or cultural encapsulation in the face of modernity - of which unconditional terrorism is a product and socio-historical phenomena such as cultural lag in institutions like the UN or EU. The renovation of strategic thinking is also a topic of continuing work.

The common feature of long wave events is that they share troubling characteristics of obscure causes and dynamics and are consequently corrosive of much received theory and practice. Grappling with these is our mission.

The Programme is named for the second Director of LSE, Sir Halford Mackinder the founder of modern geo-politics. This is to signal an awareness that a century after he responded with fresh and stimulating new public scholarship to dramatically changed circumstances at the start of the twentieth century , so today's LSE is similarly challenged to respond with similar imagination.

The Programme mounts research programmes and offers research opportunities detailed elsewhere in the website.

August 2010

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