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Evidence givers



Ayman Asfari (Innovation Evidence Session)

Ayman Asfari is the Group Chief Executive of Petrofac Limited. He has over 30 years experience in the oil and gas industries and in 2011 was awarded the Ernst & Young UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Tony Atkinson

Sir Tony Atkinson (Measurement Evidence Session)

Sir Tony Atkinson is a Fellow of Nuffield College, of which he was Warden from 1994 to 2005. He is currently Centennial Professor at the London School of Economics. Sir Tony has served in the UK on the Royal Commission on the Distribution of Income and Wealth, the Pension Law Review Committee, and the Commission on Social Justice, and was responsible for the Atkinson Review of Measurement of Government Output.

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Ian Davis (Management Evidence Session)

Ian Davis is currently serving as a Board Member of BP. He was formerly Managing Director of McKinsey & Company

Jean-Paul Fitoussi

Jean-Paul Fitoussi (Measurement Evidence Session)

Jean-Paul Fitoussi is Professor Emeritus of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris and the LUISS, Rome. Professor Fitoussi is also Founder and Research Director at the Observatoire Francais des Conjonctures Economiques. Professor Fitoussi's research interests include inflation theory, unemployment, foreign trade and the role of macroeconomic policy.

Stephen Fries

Stephen Fries (Energy Evidence Session)

Dr Steven Fries is Chief Economist at the Department for Energy & Climate Change. Prior to this he served as Chief Economist at Royal Dutch Shell, advising senior management on global macroeconomic and financial development, and environmental policy issues.

Eric Hanushek

Eric Hanushek (Skills Evidence Session)

Eric Hanushek is the Paul and Jean Hanna Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University. He has been a leader in the development of economic analysis of educational issues, and his work on efficiency, resource usage, and economic outcomes of schools has frequently entered into the design of both US and international educational policy.

Stephen Machin

Stephen Machin (Skills Evidence Session)

Stephen Machin is Professor of Economics at University College London, Research Director at the Centre for Economic Performance, a member of the Low Pay Commission and Director of the Centre for the Economics of Education.


Jon Moulton (Innovation Evidence Session)

Jon Moulton is the Chairman and Founder of Better Capital. He is a trustee of the UK Stem Cell Foundation and a Member of the Advisory Board for the UK Regional Growth Fund.

David Newberry

David Newbery (Energy Evidence Session)

David Newbery is Emeritus Professor of Economics at University of Cambridge. His research interests include energy policy and pricing and transport economics. He is currently Principal Investigator and Project Co-Leader of the Cambridge MIT Institute of Electricity Project.

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Photograph of Stephen Nickell

Stephen Nickell (Evidence sessions launch)

Stephen Nickell is Warden of Nuffield College, Oxford University, a member of the Office for Budget Responsibility and former member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee.


Keith O'Nions (Innovation Evidence Session)

Professor Sir Keith O'Nions is the current President and Rector of Imperial College London. In 2008 he founded their Insitute for Security Science & Technology. Prior to this Sir Keith has served as DG of Science & Innovation at DIUS and Chief Scientific Adviser at the MoD at DTI.

Bridget Rosewell

Bridget Rosewell (Energy Evidence Session)

Bridget Rosewell is a professional economist and business woman. She has founded several economic consultancies, and is currently Chair of Volterra Partners and Network Rail. Her interests include risk and risk management, infrastructure and its funding, public and private sector co-operation, planning policy and corporate management.

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Paul Schreyer

Paul Schreyer (Measurement Evidence Session)

Dr. Paul Schreyer is the head of the National Accounts Division and Acting Chief Statistician at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris. His personal research areas include the measurement of capital and productivity, the measurement of output in the health and education sectors and price statistics.

Professor John van Reenen

John Van Reenen (Management Evidence Session)

John Van Reenen is Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics, and Director of the Centre for Economic Performance. In 2009 he won the Yrjö Jahnsson Award of the European Economics Association. His research interests lie in the applied econometrics of industrial organization and labour economics, especially productivity growth, management and organizational practices, R&D, anti-trust, intellectual property, policy evaluation and investment decisions.

Ludger Woessmann

Ludger Wößmann (Skills Evidence Session)

Ludger Wößmann is Professor of Economics and Head of Human Capital and Innovation at CES Ifo Institute for Economic Research, University of Munich.