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LSE Growth Commission Report 2017

The LSE Growth Commission's report, UK Growth: A New Chapter was published on 23 February 2017. It sets out a new blueprint for inclusive and sustainable growth in the UK that deals with the challenges facing the UK, old and new, outlining the top priorities in four key areas: Jobs & Skills; Industrial Strategy; Openness; Finance & Growth.
Read the Press Release | Watch the film

LSE Growth Commission Evidence Sessions

Video recordings of all of our 2016 Growrth Commission Evidence Sessions are now available to view online on our Evidence Session page. Invidividual interviews with speakers can be found on respective Evidence Session pages.

LSE Growth Commission Evidence Session

The first of our first four Evidence Sessions will take place at the LSE on Thursday 17 November. Speakers include Prof. David Autor (MIT), one of the world's leading labour economists, Prof. Richard Blundell, (UCL) director of research at the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Gavin Kelly, Chief Economist at the Resolution Foundation, and Rain Newton Smith, the Chief Economist at the CBI.

The session will examinine whether the UK’s employment success has come at the expense of low pay, and asking whether there is a way to ensure pay continues to rise so that growth is both sustainable and inclusive. 

Full information and registration details available on our Evidence Session page.

LSE Growth Comission Panel Event

In light of the UK's recent Brexit vote, the LSE Growth Commission has reformed to address the new questions arising about our economic future, and to publish a second chapter of our Manifesto for Growth. On 2 November 2016, Vince Cable, Alistair Darling, Stephanie Flanders and George Osborne will offer up their views on what the future might hold and what should be done about it. Their experience is unrivalled and will provide fascinating talking points to feed into the Commission's deliberations. More information can be found on the LSE Events website.

LSE Growth Commission Book Published

On 3 September 2013, the LSE Growth Commission published Investing for Prosperity: A Manifesto for Growth. Edited by the Commission's Chairs, Tim Besley and John Van Reenen, the book expands on the findings and proposals of the LSE Growth Commission Report.

It is priced at £19.99 and is available from all good bookshops or can be bought online from the publisher, NBN International, and from

LSE Growth Commission work continues...

Education Roundtable 16/5/2013

The Institute for Government will be hosting an LSE Growth Commission Rountable on Education on 16 May 2013. This event will be held under Chatham House Rules and attendance is by invitation only. For more information, please contact Miguel Coelho.

New Economy Manchester Event 14/5/2013

Professor Tim Besley will present the findings of the LSE Growth Commission Report at New Economy Manchester on 14th May 2013 . New Economy Manchester is one of the six Association of Manchester Authorities (AGMA) commissions. Their purpose is to create economic growth and prosperity for the people of Manchester.

Infrastructure Roundtable 30/4/2013

The Institute for Government will be hosting an LSE Growth Commission Rountable on Infrastructure on 30 April 2013. This event will be held under Chatham House Rules and attendance is by invitation only. For more information, please contact Miguel Coelho.

Future Scotland: Future Growth 19/4/2013

Professor John Van Reenen will present teh work of the LSE Growth Commission at the Future Scotland: Future Growth event hosted by the Scottish Council for Development & Industry on 18-19 April 2013. Visit the SCDI website for more information.

OECD Seminar 16/4/2013

Professors John Van Reenen and Nicholas Stern presented the findings of the LSE Growth Commission at the OECD seminar on Investing in Prosperity in the United Kingdom: Skills, infrastructure and Innovation hosted by the OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria on 16 April 2013.

LSE Growth Commission work continues...

The work of the Growth Commission is continuing. Over the course of 2013 we are presenting the report and discussing its findings with a wide range of policy-makers, opinion leaders, schools and members of the public.  Some of the events include:

LSE Growth Commission Report Launch

On Thursday 31st January, the LSE Growth Commission will launch their report: Investing in Prosperity. The report is based on evidence taken in public session during 2012 from leading academics, business people and policymakers from UK and overseas and on analysis of an LSE research team supporting the Commissioners.

The launch event will present the Report’s main findings and will feature a panel discussion between the LSE Growth Commissioners and audience questions will be encouraged. For more information on how to attend, please visit the Launch Event webpage.

Chris Pissarides to give Keynes Lecture

On Tuesday 30 October, LSE Gowth Commissioner, Christopher Pissarides, will give this year's British Academy Keynes Lecture on Unemployment in the Great Recession.

Unemployment rose in all economically advanced countries during the recession that began in 2008. It is still above norrmal levels virtually everywhere in the world. Country experiences varied widely, with Spain and Greece at one extreme of experiencing unemployment rates at over 20 per cent and Germany at the other extreme of experiencing hardly any rise. In this lecture, Professor Pissarides will survey the different experiences of countries in Europe and elsewhere - examining the reasons for such differences, and drawing conclusions for the conduct of policy in times of recession.

For more information on attending, please visit the British Academy Website.

Do we want more growth? Vicky Pryce

The LSE Growth Commission was set up in early 2012 to examine ways to improve the functioning of the economy. So far, it has thrown up a number of challenges for policymakers.

At the time it started its deliberations and evidence gathering, output (GDP) in the UK was some 4% below where it had been before the 2008 financial crisis. Since then the economy has gone into even greater reverse and by the end of June had suffered three quarters of declining GDP -  in a so called double - dip recession.  The Commission collected evidence on skills, innovation, energy and management. However very importantly it also held hearings on measurement issues which throw up a number of challenges for policymakers...

Vicky Pryce gives her preliminary assessment of the LSE Growth Commission for Policy-Network. For the full article, please visit their website

LSE Growth Commission Contributors

In preparing its Report, the Commission and its research team welcome comments and suggestions from external thinkers in academia, business and policy. We are extremely grateful for the numerous contributions we have received thus far. They are all available to read on our Contributors page