Evidence sessions

The LSE Growth Commission provides authoritative and evidence-based policy recommendations that aim to foster sustainable and inclusive long-term growth in the UK.

LSE Growth Commission 2016

The UK now faces fresh questions about its economic future including its relationship with the EU, the future of the City of London, the role of industrial policy, and new developments in labour markets.

In January 2017 the Commission will publish a second Report of its Growth Manifesto, providing recommendations in these four areas. Once again the Commission will draw on evidence given in public session by leading players, policymakers and stakeholders in the UK economy, a strong team of researchers at LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance and the latest data available informing their inquiries.

The following five public sessions will be run during November & December 2016.

2 November 2016 - 6:30pm
Panel discussion: What Next for Growth in the UK?

Speakers: Stephanie Flanders, Vince Cable, Alistair Darling, and George Osborne MP.

17 November 2016 - 12:00-1:50pm
Evidence session: Labour Markets and Inclusive Growth
Speakers: David Autor (MIT), Richard Blundell (UCL & IFS), Gavin Kelly (Resolution Foundation) and Rain Newton Smith (CBI).

21 November 2016 - 12:00-2:00pm
Evidence session: Openness, Trade and FDI
Speakers:  Karolina Ekholm (State Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Sweden); Karen Helene Ullveit-Moe (University of Oslo and Bank of Norway); Lionel Fontagne’ (CEPII), Paola Conconi (ECARES); Will Page (Director of Economics, Spotify); Tim Sarson (KPMG).

22 November 2016 - 2:30-4:30pm
Evidence session: Industrial Policy and Growth
Speakers: Mariana Mazzucato (Professor of Economics of Innovation at SPRU, Sussex University); Kate Collyer (Deputy Chief Economic Adviser at Competition and Markets Authority); Gary Elliottt (CEO Aerospace Technology Institute); Mark Littlewood (Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs); Alan Overd (Vice President at Charles River Associates).

6 December 2016 - 11:00-1:00
Evidence session: Finance and the City of London
Speakers include: 
David Miles (Imperial); Huw Evans (ABI); Charlie Bean (LSE); Jenny Tooth (UKBAA); Adam Jackson & David Morrey (Grant Thornton); Angus Canvin (Investment Association); Lindsey Naylor (Oliver Wyman); Peter Smith (Blockchain)

For information on attending, please contact lsegrowth@lse.ac.uk.

LSE Growth Commission 2012-2013

A key feature of the commission's operation was a series of evidence sessions, each focusing on an individual topic, whose proceedings are publicly available as a permanent record of the commission. The major end product was the publication of the LSE Growth Commission Report in 2013 which articulates the views of the commission on how to improve the growth performance of the UK economy in a sustainable way: how the recommendations can be embedded in the institutional landscape, including how government structures may need to change.