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2012-13 Related Research

The latest research from our LSE Growth Commissioners

UK Growth Performance - John Van Reenen
October 2012, presentation to UK Department of Communities & Local Goverment

Economic Performance in US & EU: Productivity, Management and Policy - John Van Reenen, 28 September 2012, presentation to the Peterson Institute, Washington DC.

UK Economic Performance - John Van Reneen & Joao Paulo Pessoa
September 2012, See also: Executive Summary

Growth Policy and the State: Implications for the Design of a European Growth Package
Philippe Aghion, June 2012

Wage Inequality, Skill Demand and Skill Supply: Recent Evidence - John Van Reenen, 21 June 2012. Presentaion to European Society for Population Economics (ESPE) Annual Conference, Berne, Switzerland

UK Growth Performance - John Van Reenen, 13 June 2012. Presentation to BUS Evidence Based Policy Workshop on Growth, Department for Business Innovation & Skills, London.

Statement to German Advisory Council on Global Change - Lord Stern
Nicholas Stern's statement to Angela Merkel at the German Advisory Council on Global Change, Berlin, May 2012

From Growth Theory to Growth Policy Design - Philippe Aghion
Philippe Aghion discusses how growth theory can help guide growth policy design, April 2012 

How to Get Back to Growth - John Van Reenen
Leading Think Tanks discuss UK Growth in special session organised by John Van Reenen at Royal Economic Society Conference, Cambridge, March 2012

Wanted: A Real Budget for Growth - John Van Reenen
John Van Reenen gives his verdict on Chancellor George Osborne's 2012 budget, March 2012

OECD Labour Markets In the Great Recession - Christopher Pissarides
Presented at the Economica Philips Lecture, February 2012

Delivering on the 'Monti Triangle': growth, budgetary discipline and social cohesion - Philippe Aghion
Presented at OECD/World Bank Institute Symposium on the 'New Geography of Innovation and the Impact of the Economic Crisis', Paris, January 2012

UK Economic Performance Since 1997: growth, productivity and jobs
Dan Corry, Anna Valero and John Van Reenen, CEP Special Paper No. 24, November 2011