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LSE Complexity Group

LSE Complexity Group

The LSE Complexity Group has been working for over 20 years, with organisations in the private and public sectors to address practical complex problems. In the process it has developed a theory of complex social systems and an integrated methodology using both qualitative and quantitative tools and methods.

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News and events

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Short Course at Schumacher College, Devon, UK

Working With Complexity – The EMK Method
Monday, 10 October, 2016 to Friday, 21 October, 2016

Training on the methodology developed by Prof. Eve Mitleton-Kelly, to effectively address complex problems. She has been working with organisational and societal problems for more than 20 years, with organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors. 

  • Complex Systems and Institutions:The Implications of the Sciences of Complexity for Organisational Design, pp. 137 - 154
    Prof. Eve Mitleton-Kelly
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  • July – September 2016, Spain - Applications for participants are now open 
    This summer The Eroles Project, a Learning for Action Centre (Spain) looks at the refugee crisis through the lenses of complexity, arts and collaboration. The aim is to learn how to design enabling environments in response to the situation both in our neighbourhoods and refugee settlements.
    For more information please see here
  • A Report on ‘Gender & Decision Making Focusing on Ocean and Coastal Management Policy’ , written by Professor Mitleton-Kelly was submitted to UNEP GRID-Arendal (31 January 2015)
  • Professor Mitleton-Kelly was the main speaker at a workshop, during the UN Humanitarian Policy Forum in New York. She spoke on Pandemics and Conflict from a Complexity Science Perspective (December 2014)
  • Professor Eve Mitleton-Kelly was one of the three experts discussing complexity theory with Melvyn Bragg on 'In Our Time' (19 December 2013)

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To the man with the hammer

"To the Man with a Hammer... Augmenting the Policymaker’s Toolbox for a Complex World"
Complex Systems and Institutions:The Implications of the Sciences of Complexity for Organisational Design, pp. 137 - 154
Prof. Eve Mitleton-Kelly

This article collection gathers a distinguished panel of complexity experts and policy innovators, and provides concrete examples of promising insights and tools, drawing from complexity science, the digital revolution and interdisciplinary approaches.

Co-evolution of Intelligent Socio-technical Systems

Co-evolution of Intelligent Socio-technical Systems
Editor: E. Mitleton-Kelly

This topical volume, based on the findings of the Socionical European research project, gives equal attention to two highly relevant domains of applications: transport, specifically traffic, dynamics from the viewpoint of a socio-technical interaction and evacuation scenarios for large-scale emergency situations.

Corporate Governance and Complexity theory

Corporate Governance And Complexity Theory
Authors: Marc Goergen, Christine A. Mallin, Eve Mitleton-Kelly, Ahmed Al-Hawamdeh, Iris Hse-Yu Chiu

This multidisciplinary book takes an innovative approach to corporate governance by linking governance and complexity theory. It provides important new insights into why governance systems are failing and what may be done to improve this situation.

A New Synthesis

A New Synthesis of Public Administration: Serving in the 21st Century   
Jocelyne Bourgon

A New Synthesis in Public Administration sets out a theoretical framework that takes the new interconnected nature of reality into account.

Prof. E. Mitleton-Kelly was the Scientific Advisor to the six Government administrations involved in this project (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore, UK), as they used her work extensively to develop a framework of governance for government.


The SAGE Handbook of Complexity and Management
Edited by:
Peter Allen, Steve Maguire and Bill McKelvey

Chapter 20: Organisational Learning and Complexity Science: Exploring the Joint Potential by Eve Mitleton-Kelly and Ben Ramalinga

The SAGE Handbook of Complexity and Management is the first substantive scholarly work at the intersection of complexity science and management studies.


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ESRC Complexity Research Seminar Series

Research seminarsLSE Complexity Group is leading the seminar series with King’s College London, Lancaster, Cranfield, the Open University and Oxford Brookes. The seminar series aims to bring together UK and EU policy makers and international leading researchers, across disciplines, to explore the application of complexity theory to public and business policy. More...



socionicalThis is a socio-technical project focusing on Ambient Intelligence- based smart environments in transportation and  emergency or disaster. LSE Complexity Group is one of the main partners in this EU project. The project is funded by FET (Future Emerging Technologies). More...


ESRC Research Seminars