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Professor Stephan Feuchtwang

Dr Fang-Long Shih

A Proposed Initiative for Political Negotiation between China and Taiwan through Negotiation and Conflict Management Theory and Practice

With Dr Peter Y.H. Chen (Center for International Negotiations and Interpretations, National Taipei University)

Series:  Regional Comparison: Taiwan and Ireland in Comparative Perspective

Date: Thursday 21 October 2010, 6pm-8pm

Venue: Room S75, St Clement's Building, London School of Economics (LSE)

Chair: Dr Fang-Long Shih (Taiwan Research Programme)


The issue of cross-strait negotiations between China and Taiwan is inevitably complicated: although the two parties remain politically confrontational over issues of sovereignty and security, since the first decade of the Twenty-First Century they have been economically friendly and areas of joint interest have been recognised. This seminar proposes an initiative of political negotiation between China and Taiwan, outlining several factors: (1) the nature of negotiation and conflict management; (2) the background and nature of political negotiation between the two parties, whether distributive and/or integrative; (3) negotiation power and stakeholders; (4) the management of negotiation impasses and possible solutions; and (5) feasibility. It is hoped that the proposed initiative will contribute both research and practical management measures towards a more substantive foundation for peace, prosperity, and stability across the Taiwan straits.

About the Speaker

Dr Peter Y. H. Che is currently serving as Director of the Center for International Negotiations and Interpretations (CINI) at National Taipei University, and he is also a full professor at Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics. He is a leading scholar on negotiation and international/cross-cultural negotiation theories and practices and has advised governmental agencies in Taiwan. His doctorate was conferred by the University of Texas (1992), and since then Dr. Chen has been engaged in teaching, research, and service in the academic areas of Speech Communication, English and Chinese Rhetoric, International Negotiation, English /Chinese Translation and Interpretation, English/Chinese as a Foreign Language, and Theatres for Literature. His recent major writings include "Theory and Practice of Contemporary Negotiation Interpretation: A Cross-Cultural Perspective", in Journal of Humanities, (2008) 6: 155-193; "Negotiation Studies in Taiwan", in PIN Points: the processes of International Negotiation Program, (2008) 30: 26-28; a translation (with Zhang Qi-ya) of Roy J. Lewicki et al.'s Negotiation (London: McGraw Hill, 2006), published in Taiwan as 判學 (Taipei: Hua-Tai, 2007), and a conference paper (with Tsao Ding-ren) on 'Remedial Rhetoric of Responsibility: a cross-cultural perspective' (delivered at the Rhetoric Society of American Biennial Conference, Seattle 24 May 2008).