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Professor Stephan Feuchtwang

Dr Fang-Long Shih

Managing the Cross-Industrial Networks of the Audiovisual Industry: a comparison between independent screen productions in the UK and Taiwan

With Ms Hsiao-Ling Chung (University of Warwick)

Series: Seminar on Taiwan in Comparative Perspective 

Date: Thursday 2 November 2006, 6pm-8pm

Venue: Seligman Library (Room A607), Old Building, London School of Economics (LSE)

Chair: Professor Stephan Feuchtwang (Taiwan Culture Research Programme)


'Some people are disappointed to only get the film.' This reveals the fact that with technology advances, the fluidity of screen content are enlarging and restructuring the scope of the media sector and has transformed it into the 'audiovisual industry', incorporating various content-related industries, such as music, book publishing, multimedia, game, digital broadcasting, and DVD retailing etc. which makes the content available in various forms and formats. As promising as it is, however, little scholarly efforts have been devoted to a qualitative understanding of the micro-level and 'cross-industrial' organizational issues concerning why and how such content-driven productions, with the original content supplied mostly by independent producers, involving collaborations between those related and yet different businesses.

For the purpose of the research, the contrasting contexts of Taiwan and UK are found to be sufficient for undertaking a comparative study as they share similarities at macro-level industry and policy settings, but differences at the micro-level in their weights given to the independent production sector. In other words, the research problem of why and how the different actors of audiovisual industry network with each other on screen content productions will be tackled by comparing the networking behaviours of the independent screen content producers in Taiwan and UK.

The seminar presentation of the research project in progress will be covering the theoretical and practical backgrounds of the project. In addition, a research framework and design embracing key concepts of a cross-industry, micro-level and up-stream approach will be proposed. Finally, the research agenda and the initial empirical findings on Taiwan will be outlined which the researcher intends to treat in the future.

About the speaker

Ms Hsiao-Ling Chung received her MA in Creative and Media Enterprises at the University of Warwick and is a PhD Candidate in the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies at the University of Warwick. Her research interests include management issues, the creative and media enterprises, audiovisual industry, creative and cultural sector, and network organizations.