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Professor Stephan Feuchtwang

Dr Fang-Long Shih

ROC President Tsai's Administration after a Year of Calling for Reforms: A Review from Youth Perspectives

Series:  LSE Seminar on Chinese Worlds in Comparative Perspective

Date: Monday 22 May from 6–8pm

Venue: Seligman Library, 6th Floor, Old Building, LSE

Chair:  Dr Fang-long Shih (LSE Taiwan Research Programme)


(1) Law and Politics, by Dr Chieh Wang (LSE Law);  

(2) Identity and Media, by Michelle Hui-ju Tsai (Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge);  

(3) Economic Transition and Vision, by Jim Shen (LSE Management)  


(1) Prof Stephan Feuchtwang (LSE Anthropology);  

(2) Dr Bill Kissane (LSE Government);  

(3) Prof Kent Deng (LSE Economic History)


The LSE Taiwan Research Programme is pleased to announce that on Monday 22 May it will host a panel discussion to mark the first anniversary of President Tsai Ing-wen's (who is LSE Alumna, PhD in Law, 1984) administration of the ROC/Taiwan. Junior scholars and students will present and reflect on President Tsai's call for reforms over the past year, and senior professors will respond, drawing on a range of specialisms (and not just within Taiwan Studies). The panellists will analyse reform efforts that have taken place over the past years, highlighting achievements and problems from their particular perspectives. We particularly welcome students and scholars from/on Hong Kong, China, East Asia and Southeast Asia who are willing to share their observations in a critical and constructive way.

About the Speaker

Chieh Wang received his PhD in Law from the LSE in 2016.  He studied law and philosophy at National Taiwan University before his PhD studies at the LSE. His research interests lie in the fields of legal theory, political theory, family law, equality and discrimination law, sexuality and gender studies, and Chinese legal and political philosophy.

Michelle Tsai is an anthropologist and a Cambridge Trust scholar completing her PhD at the University of Cambridge. Her work examines contemporary Chinese capitalism, identity politics and cross-Strait relations. Prior to her PhD, she obtained her MPhil in Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge and worked as an economic correspondent in the United States, where she also served as a visiting research scholar at the University of California at Berkeley. As a journalist she wrote articles and commentaries on economic issues covering the Greater China region.

Jim Shen is a Master Student majoring in Economics and Management at department of Management, LSE. He holds a BSc from LSE where he won the best examination prize in managerial economics as well as the best examination performance in further quantitative methods in Mathematics. His research interest includes organisational economics, managerial economics, international trade and Chinese economy with a particular focus on its moral foundation and the business ethics of Chinese enterprises. His publication includes the relevant topics on the reforms of large state-owned enterprises in China, both co-authoring with professor Kent Deng (LSE Economic History) as well as the research on sequential production under the context of global supply chains. He also ever worked as a undergraduate maths tutor at LSE and has been lecturing Chinese economy and corporate strategy at English First, a Swedish Language Training Company located at Shanghai.