Who's who

Director: Dr Jonathan Leape

Jonathan Leape is the Director at CREFSA and has led the Centre since its establishment in 1990. His research interests include cross-border capital flows and implications for the management of macroeconomic risk; the structure and regulation of financial systems; and the design of tax policy. He has advised governments in Africa and the UK in these areas. His published academic research includes articles in journals such as the Journal of Public Economics and the Journal of Economic Perspectives, together with contributions to several books. He is a member of the LSE Economics| faculty and is Director of LSE100, a new compulsory course that introduces students to social scientific thinking, exploring the fundamental issues of evidence, explanation and theory from the perspective of different social science disciplines. He is also currently the Chief Academic Adviser on Taxation to the UK Government Economic Service.

Research Officer: Lynne Thomas

Lynne Thomas has been part of the research team at CREFSA since it was formed in 1990 and now works with the Director in developing and implementing the research agenda at the Centre. Her main research interests are the determinants and composition of capital flows in Southern Africa; the impact of regional trade and financial integration initiatives; and financial sector development and reform in South Africa. She has coordinated research and capacity building projects with the South African National Treasury on capital flows, exchange control reform and the management of macroeconomic risk and previously has worked on projects with central banks in the region aimed at improving data on the scale and composition of cross-border financial flows.

Current Research Associates:

Kevin Fletcher previously worked in the South African National Treasury from 1999 to 2004, spending three years in the Tax Policy Unit and two in the Macroeconomic Policy Unit. He joined CREFSA as a Research Associate in 2005 following his move to the UK and has contributed to the research programme with the National Treasury, concentrating mainly on tax and social security policy issues and capacity building initiatives. His recent research under this programme includes a review of conceptual issues and international experience in estate taxation and the development of an analytical tool for assessing the taxation of retirement savings.

Janine Aron| is a James Martin Fellow, Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School and an Associate Member of Nuffield College, Oxford. She is a Research Staff Member at the CSAE Department of Economics, Oxford and the ESRC Spatial Economics Centre, LSE. Her British Academy-funded research examines exchange rate pass-through in South Africa, collaborating with the South African Reserve Bank. She has published mainly on monetary and exchange rate policy and macroeconomics in South Africa. She joined CREFSA as a Research Associate in 1997, contributing research on exchange rate misalignment, on personal and corporate savings, and on foreign portfolio investment in South Africa.

Former members of the research team

Brian Kahn and Maria Ramos (Founding Research Associates)
Jonathan Garner and Yougesh Khatri (Research Officers)
Carolyn Jenkins, Mthuli Ncube and Jens Reinke (Research Associates)