The China in Comparative Perspective Network (CCPN)

at LSE closed on 22 March 2013

CCPN Directors and Members of the CCPN Management Committee wish to pay their respects and express their gratitude to Dr Xiangqun Chang for her dedication and hard work in helping to create and develop the CCPN. Dr Chang’s work has been on a voluntary basis. Her work has assisted students and researchers at LSE and worldwide, and promoted the work being done at LSE on China.

The independent website CCPN Global (A Global Network for the Study of China and Chinese in Comparative Perspective)| launched on 10 April 2013.

CCPN’s activities started in 2004 and were based on research projects at LSE funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and by the British Academy, and on LSE’s own research and teaching programmes. The CCPN website was launched by LSE scholars in 2008, to promote the MSc China in Comparative Perspective Programme, to encourage inter-disciplinary and comparative approaches and to facilitate collaborative social scientific studies on China in its Asian and global contexts.

Some of its excellent work remains embedded within different sections of the LSE website.

Some of the activities with which CCPN has been involved have been taken up by other LSE units.