Professor Bridget Hutter

Professor of Risk Regulation

ESRC Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation
London School of Economics and Political Science
Houghton Street
United Kingdom

Tel: 020 7955 7287
Fax: 020 7955 6578

Research interests

  • Risk regulation policy-making and enforcement
  • Business responses to regulation
  • Risk-based regulation
  • Anticipating risks
  • Domain interests: environmental regulation; food safety and hygiene; financial regulation; occupational health and safety

Selected publications 

Selected projects 

External activities

  • Bridget is currently a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Council on Mitigation of Natural Disasters; the Expert Panel for National Consumer Council Project 'Rating regulators' and a member of the Law and Society Association International Affairs Committee.
  • Bridget regularly meets with members of the regulatory agencies, business representatives and consumer groups. She has given advice to the Environment Agency on compliance and small businesses; HSE on compliance research and regulatory impact; the Pennington Inquiry into the 2005 South Wales E.coli outbreak on food regulation; the Pitt Review Team on regulation and natural disasters; and various regulators on risk-based regulation.
  • Member of British Journal of Sociology and Regulation & Governance Editorial Boards. Editor British Journal of Sociology (2002-2008).

Selected news items

  • Gave a paper entitled 'Risk Regulation and Food Safety in the UK: Change and Compliance in Post Crisis Environments' at an international workshop on 'The Governance of Food Safety' at Tsinghua University, Beijing, in September 2010.
  • Part of a Co-Reach workshop involving colleagues from the University of Amsterdam and the Chinese Academy of Social Science on 9-10 June 2010.
  • An official invitee of the Shanghai Forum 2010, which was held at Fudan University on May 29-31 2010. Gave a presentation on 'Regulatory Governance: Prospects in a Changing World'.
  • Conferred the Award of Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences.
  • Chaired an expert review of the Environment Agency's Better Regulation Science Programme in Bristol on 26 February 2010.
  • Panellist at the Harvard Kennedy School Global Series Regional Meeting on the subject of 'Managing Widespread Global Risk' in London, on 25 January 2010.
  • Gave a lunchtime lecture entitled 'Thinking Like a Social Scientist' outlining a social science approach to understanding risk regulation, on 26 November 2009 at LSE.
  • Took part in the Summit on the Global Agenda 2009 in Dubai, on 20-22 November.
  • Part of the ESRC Academy of Social Sciences and British Library public debate series on 'Myths and Realities 2: Making Sense of Risk' at the British Library on 18 November 2009.
  • Attended a QFinance round table dinner of QFinance contributors, senior representatives from Bloomsbury Publishing, The Qatar Financial Centre Authority (QFCA) and senior media attendees held in the City of London, on 28 October 2009.
  • Received Co-Reach funding for comparative research on regulatory law enforcement in China and the EU. This is as part of a collaborative project with colleagues from the University of Leiden and the Chinese Academy of Social Science.
  • Invited to become a Member of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Catastrophic Risks 2009. Each Council, comprised of 15-20 Members, serves as an advisory board to the Forum and other interested parties, such as governments and international organizations.
  • Participated in a Roundtable on Risk Governance Deficits and Emerging Risks at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue hosted by The IRGC Scientific and Technical Council, Rüschlikon, Switzerland. 8 and 9 June, 2009.
  • Presented a paper on 'The New Governance, Risk Regulation and The Business Organization' at workshop on "New Governance and the Business Organization" at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. 25-27 May 2009.
  • Bridget Hutter addressed the Universities UK Members' Meeting on the subject of Risk Regulation on 15 May 2009.
  • Attended the Shanghai Forum 2009 and giving a presentation on 'Policy Responses to Climate Change: the Role of Risk Regulation in Mitigating Adverse Effects'. 11-12 May.
  • Was a keynote speaker at the conference on Societal Risk, Relevant Interdisciplinary Frames of Reference in Oslo, 24-25 April 2009.
  • Participated in and chaired a panel at the Environment Agency's 'Measuring the Effectiveness of Regulation' workshop aiming to exchange views and develop a common understanding of what evidence the Environment Agency needs regarding the effectiveness of its interventions.
  • Contributed to the Pennington Inquiry report on the Welsh E.coli outbreak which took the life of one five year old and made around 150 others ill. The Inquiry commissioned Professor Hutter and Dr Tola Amodu (former CARR graduate) to prepare a report on Risk Regulation and Compliance: Food Safety in the UK. This report is now available on the Welsh government website and it draws on Professor Hutter's earlier research on food safety and hygiene.
  • Featured in a short film produced for The Independent newspaper's website. Click here to view the video here.
  • Presented lectures on 'A Delicate Balance: Social Science Perspectives on Risk Regulation' to LSE alumni groups in Beijing and Shanghai and to Chevening scholars at the British Embassy. 7-11 December 2008.
  • A keynote speaker at the International Symposium on Risk and Social Policy in Changing Asian Societies, organized by the Department of Applied Social Studies City University of Hong Kong, and co-organized by Graduate School of International Development and Cooperation Kibi International University, Japan & The Social Policy Research Centre, National Taiwan University, Taiwan. 4-5 December 2008.
  • Presented a lunchtime lecture as part of the LSE Thinking Like a Social Scientist series. 26 November 2008.
  • Participated in the World Economic Forum Summit on the Global Agenda 2008, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 7-9 November 2008.
  • Presented a paper on 'The role of private actors in regulatory regimes' at a conference on 'New Regulatory Strategies for European integration?' at the Florence School of Regulation and the Robert Schuman Center, European University Institute. 17-18 October 2008. 
  • Presented at the ISA World Forum of Sociology, Barcelona, Spain. 5-8 September 2008.
  • Organized the 'Rationalities of Governance and Regulation' stream and gave a keynote talk on 'Anticipating Risk and Organising Risk Regulation: Governance in Public and Private Spaces'.
  • Appointed to World Economic Forum (WEF) Council on Mitigation of Natural Disasters. May 2008
  • Speaker at a multidisciplinary Social Science Conference, co-hosted by the British Academy under the auspices of an EC-funded project, CO-REACH and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China. 15-17 May 2008
  • Keynote address on 'Risk Management and Governance' at the Joint NPIA, ACPO and Home Office Research Conference on Managing Risk To Improve Policing in Birmingham, UK. 18 October 2007.