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Previous Editions of the Risk&Regulation Magazine

Risk&Regulation is the biannual magazine of the Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR). This online version of the printed magazine includes articles by leading scholars and practitioners that feature links to other relevant items, events, and publications produced by CARR.

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Spring 2014

PDF version|

Individual articles:

Martha Poon - Editorial|

Kristian Kreiger and David Demeritt - Who Pays When Homes Flood|

Anastasia Nesvetailova -The Evolution of Nowhere Banking|

Matthias Thiemann - When the Sleep of Regulation Produces Monsters|

Elie Ayache - Writing Options on Futures|

Taylor Spears - Fighting Over Financial Models|

Vassily Pigounides - The UK's Sky High Holiday Prices|

Sophie Vermeille and Frank-Adrien Papon - Turning Around French Bankruptcies|

Marielle Smith - Putting Tobacco in Plain Packages|

Andrea Mennicken - Focus Group: The World of Social Numbers|

Mike Power - CARR: The First 15 Years|


Winter 2013

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Individual articles:

Martha Poon - Editorial|

Janet Roitman - Anti-Crisis|

Benjamin Lemoine - DSK Central Bank|

Natasha Dow Schull - Reeling in Gambling Revenue|

Claire Loussouarn - Spread Betting|

Sabrine Montagne - Our Trust in Pension Funds|

Helaine Olen - Do-It-Yourself Retirement|

Kim Soin and Christian Huber - Financial Scandal|

Michael Power, Simon Ashby and Tommaso Palermo - Risk Culture in Financial Organisations| 

Spring 2013

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Individual articles:

Mike Power - Editorial|

Annelise Riles - Managing Regulatory Arbitrage|

Jonathan Metzl and Kenneth MacLeish - Triggering the Debate|

Samer Abdulnour - Is Sexual Violence Being Efficiently Addressed in Global Conflict Zones?|

Henry Rothstein - Exploring National Cultures of Risk Governance|

Julien Etienne - Responsive Regulation|

Christel Koop and Martin Lodge - Towards House-Trained Regulators|  

David Schleifer - Ask Not What Product Labelling Can Do for You|

Xaq Frohlich - What's the Beef with Horsemeat|

Winter 2012

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Summer 2012

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Winter 2011

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Summer 2011


Anniversary Issue


Special Issue on Close Calls 2010

Summer 2010


Winter 2009 


Summer 2009 

Special Issue on Financial Crisis 2008 

Winter 2008 

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