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Previous Seminar Series

2013-14 Seminar Series|
Nationalism and education
YouTube recordings forthcoming

2012-13 Seminar Series
YouTube recordings available

2011-12 Seminar Series| - Is a multicultural formulation of the nation able to further gender equality?
YouTube recordings available
Featuring Professor Michael Seymour, Professor Anne Phillips, Professor Nira Yuval-Davis, Dr Ruba Salih and Dr Michael Skey

2010-11 Seminar series| - Nation-building for the 21st Century
Youtube recordings available
Featuring Dr Michael Skey, Professor Michael Hechter, Professor Charles Tripp, Dr Michael Amoah, Professor Michael Keating, Dr Alec Hargreaves, Dr Michael Kerr and Nadim Shedahi

2009-10 Seminar series| - Managing Ethno-national conflict
Featuring Dr John Hutchinson, Professor Stefan Wolff and David Rampton

2008-9 Seminar series
|Featuring Dr Anite Fabos, Professor David Laitin, Dr Martin Polley, Martyn Barrett, Dr Ben Wellings, Professor Joep Leerssen, Dr Igor Cusack, Robert Schertzer and Eric Woods

2007-8 Seminar series
|Featuring Professor Lucy Riall, Mikko Heikinheimo, Professor John Rex, Professor Jack E Spence, Dr Michael Amoah, Dr Eric Kaufmann, Professor Sami Zubaida, Dr Can Dundar, Dr Welat Zeydanlioglu, Professor Tim Unwin and Professor John Myhill.