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Email: ASEN@lse.ac.uk|

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ASEN has a new website! Have a look at asen.ac.uk|!
ASEN is an independent research association closely associated with but not part of the formal structure of LSE. ASEN does not in any context hold itself out as being, or as acting on behalf of, LSE.



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We have a new website - asen.ac.uk|

Our new website is up and running at asen.ac.uk|. Come over and have a look!

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Nationalism and Belonging:  |Recordings

Video recordings of the plenaries from the Gellner Lecture and 2014 Conference are available on our YouTube channel|.

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ASEN PhD Scholarship|

Applications are invited from currently-enrolled PhD students at universities in the UK and Ireland for a scholarship worth £1000.

More information at Awards|.

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Everyday Nationalism|

A one day symposium to examine the contribution of Michael Billig's study of banal nationalism. For more details, please see the event's page|.


SEN Special Event: Education and Ethno-Political Stability

See a video recording of the event on our YouTube channel|

Crafting the Narrative of Independence: Prof. Jenny Ozga

See a video recording the seminar on our YouTube channel|.

2013 ASEN Conference: Nationalism and Revolution

A playlist of all the plenaries from last year's conference is up on our YouTube channel|.

The Geography of American Nationalism: Miguel Centeno and Maria Abascal

See a video recording of the plenary on our YouTube channel|.
PhD| Scholarship

The ASEN Seminar Series and Annual Conference are made possible through the kind support of the LSE Department of Government and the LSE Annual Fund

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