We are offering workshops again at this year's Conference. 

Sign-up for the workshops is on the Conference registration form|.

The chairs for each workshop will send in advance two or three papers to be discussed among all the participants during the course of 60 to 90 minutes. Participants are expected to come prepared for informed discussion and active participation.

Attendance to the workshops is limited to 15 participants so early registration is required. In order to give as many conference participants as possible the opportunity to participate, registration is limited to one workshop per person.

Registration for the workshop will happen in conjunction with registration for the conference itself which will open later this month on our website. Make sure to register early for the conference and the workshops to avoid disappointment! More details concerning the exact date of registration will follow in the coming days.

Once accepted in a workshop, participants will receive the papers to be discussed approximately four weeks before the conference.

Workshop 1: Bordering, Belonging and the Politics of Belonging

With Nira Yuval-Davis|, Kathryn Cassidy|, Jamie Hakim| and Georgie Wemyss|

Workshop 2: Belonging: Solidarity and Division in Modern Societies

With Montserrat Guibernau|

Workshop 3: National Belonging in the Age of Super-Diversity

with Marco Antonsich|