Wifi at LSE

Wireless at the LSE is provided by Eduroam.

Prior to leaving for the conference, you should make sure that your home institution is also part of Eduroam and make sure that you can connect to the internet through Eduroam at your home institution.

Because each institution does its own authentication, we can only provide very basic support while you're at the LSE. We'll do our best, but we can't guarantee we'll make it work!

If you try to connect to Eduroam for the first time while at LSE, these settings may be useful:

Wireless settings

The SSID or network name is eduroam

The wireless authentication type Is WPA2-Enterprise

The data encryption is AES

Authentication settings


The Authentication Method/Protocol is MS-CHAPv2

Your username is provided by your institution

Your password is provided by your institution

Tthe Outer/Roaming/Anonymous Identity is usually the last part of your email address @ followed by the domain name of your university (eg @lse.ac.uk).