Preliminary Programme

Please note that this programme is preliminary and is subject to change.

A full version of this programme with further event descriptions is available to download [PDF]|.

Monday 26 March 2012 (Timings)

1730 - 1830

Gellner Lecture

1830 - 2000

Reception / Early Registration

Tuesday 27 March 2012 (Timings)

0800 - 0900

Registration & Coffee

0900 - 1030

Plenary Session 1|

1030 - 1100

ASEN Annual General Meeting

1100 - 1130

Coffee Break

1130 - 1300

Panel Session 1|

1300 - 1430


1430 - 1600

Panel Session 2| / Workshop 1|

1600 - 1630

Coffee Break

1630 - 1830

Panel Session 3  |

1845 - 2030


Wednesday 28 March 2012 (Timings)

0900 - 1100

Panel Session 4|

1100 - 1130

Coffee Break

1130 - 1300

Plenary Session 2|

1300 - 1415

Lunch (Sponsored by SEN)

1415 - 1600

Panel Session 5|

1600 - 1630

Coffee Break

1630 - 1815

Panel Session 6| / Workshop 2|



Thursday 29 March 2012 (Timings)

0900 - 1045

Panel Session 7|

1045 - 1115

Coffee Break

1115 - 1300

Panel Session 8| / Workshop 3|

1300 - 1415


1415 - 1600

Panel Session 9|

1600 - 1630

Coffee Break

1630 - 1800

Plenary Session 3|


Farewell Drinks

Tuesday 27 March (Details)

Plenary Session 1 (0900-1100)

Rogers Brubaker: "Nationalising States and Ethnonational Boundaries: A Comparative Perspective on Soviet Successor States"

Mary Fulbrook: "The Borders of Collective Memory: Holocaust Legacies in European Perspective"

Panel Session 1 (1130-1300)

Theorizing Boundaries and National Identity

Terrier: "Theorizing Boundary-Perspectives from the History of Social and Political Thought"
Conversi: "Modernity, globalisation and nationalism: The age of frenzied boundary-building"
Skey: "Boundaries and belonging: Dominant ethnicity and the place of the nation in an uncertain world"

The Formation of National Boundaries

Falina: Federalism in East-Central Europe: Autonomy, Independence or Cooperation of the Small Nations?
Bergstrom: The Interplay Between Real and Syymbolic Borders in Nation Formation
Mandelc: Myth, History and Political Realism: Framing the Slovene-Croation Border Dispute
Sardelic: Symoblic Boundaries Between Majorities and Minorities in Post-Socialist Slovenia and Croatia: A Comparative Study of the Position of Roma Before and After the Disintegration of Yugoslavia

The Border Between Ireland and Northern Ireland

Kissane: The Irish Border as a Constitutional Presence
Cauvet: Reassessing Irish Nationalist Irredentism After 1998: Breaking the Historiographical Mould
May: How FIFA Rulings on Citizenship Have Affected the Notion

Workshop 1 (1430-1600)

Avoiding Ethnicity through Boundaries and Categories

Conveners: Dr Jon Fox with Prof. Michael Banton (University of Bristol)

Panel Session 2 (1430-1600)

Ethnicity and Boundary Making in China: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Lee: Imagined Identity: The Processes of Ethnic Naming Customs and Name Changes in Southern Manchuria, 1749-1909
Wang: Identity in Flux: Factors Infleuncing Hui Women's Religious Expressions
Veselic: Being Ethnic on Campus: Boundary Making at Minority Universities in the People's Republic of China

National Identities: Constructing and Perceiving Boundaries in Iran

Senturk: The Perception of Ethnic Identity on the Basis of Comparison Between the Azerbaijanis in Azerbaijan and in Iran
Pasha: Self, Others, and Boundaries: Iranian High School Students' Perception Toward 'Others'
Jaspal: Constructing Boundaries Between Iran and the 'Zionist Regime': An Analysis of the English-language Iranian Press

Panel Session 3 (1630-1830)

Boundaries in the Post-Soviet World

Kesici: Soviet Boundary-Making in Central Asia: What Has Remained?
Chung: The Economic Foundations of Post-Soviet Language Reform: Central Asia in Comparative Perspective
Pfoser: Between Russia and Estonia: Competing Narratives of Place in a New Borderland
Gorilovskaya: Contested Borders: De Facto States and the Politics of Partial Recognition
Buck: Nazarbaev's Nationalisms: A Tale of Hostile Hosts?

National and Ethnic Boundaries in Korea, Japan and South East Asia

Grove-White: Panmunjeom - The Story of Two Korean Nations
Bukh: Territorial Disputes and Civil Society in Japan and Korea
Yamamoto: The 1861 Tsushima Incident: The Border Formation Around Japan and the Race Among the Western Powers
Balcaite: Fluidity of the Thai-Burma Boundary: Pre-colonial to Post-colonial Imaginings and Border Practices
Davis: The Changing Contours of Barbarity: Vietnamese Visions of 'Ethnic' Difference During the Nineteenth Century

Boundaries in the Borderlands of Africa

Schomerus: Borderlands and the Uncertainties of Citizenship; The Ambororo
Gosztonyi: Free at Last? The Coming of Independence of South Sudan and the Return to Civil War in the Northern Bordering States
Patrcio: Ndau Identity in the Mozambique-Zimbabwe Borderland
Stonehouse: 'All this is Buganda Kingdom': Secession, Conflict and Cultural Boundaries in Uganda
Assraf: 'A New Israel': Debates Around the Partition of Algeria 1960-1962

Wednesday 28 March 2012 (Details)

Panel Session 4 (0900-1100)

Religion and Nationalism: Ireland in Comparative Perspective

Reeskens: For the Love of God and Love of the Country. Disentangling the Relation Between Religious and National Identities
Nagle: Religion and Confessional Identity as National Boundary in National Historical Narratives: Ireland and Germany Compared
Demetriou: Nationalism, Partition, Closure, and Temporality: Comparing Ireland and Cyprus
Jackson: The Formation and Transformation of Social and Symbolic Boundaries in Ethnically Divided Societies: The Case of Northern Ireland and Quebec
Hoewer: Intersecting Boundary Processes in the Ethno-national Mobilisations and Conflict Settlement Processes in Chiapas and Northern Ireland

Constructing Boundaries: Performances, Practices, Images and Texts

Manning: The Manifestation of a Symbolic Ethnic Boundary Through Festival Performance in a Japanese Town
Hoyo: Graphic Nationalism: National Imaginaries in Postage Stamps
Sutherland: Borders of Belonging: Migration Museums as Nation-Building Sites
Rose-Greenland: The Parthenon Marbles in the British Cultural Nation: Imitation and Boundaries
Halikiopoulou and Hutchins: Varieties of 'Civicness': Class as a Symbolic Boundary in French and United States Textbooks

Everyday Nationalism and Boundary-Making

Repeckaite: Forced Multiculturalism in the Neighbourhood: Ethnic Privilege and Boundary-making in South Tel Aviv
Lomas: Analysing National Identity: A Sample of Lebanese Youth
Kernalegenn: The Boundaries of Brittany
Rosie: A' the Bairns o' Adam? The Ethnic Boundaries of Scottish National Identity
Michlic: Symbolic Categorization of Dedicated Christian Polish Rescuers as Outcasts, and its Everyday Practices in Polish Society During and After the Second World War

Plenary Session 2 (1130-1300)

Richard Jenkins: "What Are Boundaries"
Wendy Pullan: "National Rifts in Urban Conflicts: The Spatial Discontinuities of Frontiers, Walls and Buffer Zones"

Panel Session 5 (1415-1600)

Ethnicity, Borders and Boundary-making in Israel and Among the Jewish Diaspora

Gruweis-Kovalsky: The Story that Symbolic Maps Tell Us - the Israeli Case
Conforti: Searching for a Homeland: The Territorial Dimension in the Zionist Movement and the Boundaries of Jewish Nationalism
Furberg-Moe: Peripheral Nationhood: Being and Becoming Israeli in a Border Town
Zubrzycki: Stretching the Symbolic Boundaries of the Nation: The Philo-Semitic Resurrection of Jews in Poland

Borders in the Chinese Periphery: Creating the 'Other'

Yao: Re-creating a Boundary between Taiwan and China
Wang: Chinese Nationalism, Mass Media and Sino-Japan Conflicts: A Frame Analysis of the Chinese Newspapers Reports on the Diaoyu Islands Clash
Bai: The Wa and the Han along the Sino-Myanmar Border: Case Studies from Village in C County Yunnan Province, China
Elazar: A Museum of Identity: Expressing Ethnicity and Faith in an Official "Minority Village" in Yunnan

Ethnicity and National Boundary-making in Turkey

Oral: Conscientious Objection in Turkey: Questioning Symbolic Boundaries within the Nation State
Gilbert: The Language of Imagination: Bounding the National Community in Turkey
Coban: On the Migration Policy of Turkey
Arslan: Secession and Irredentism in the Russian Transcaucasus Towards the End of WWI: An Unorthodox Diplomacy between the Break-away Transcaucasian Parliament and the Young Turks

Workshop 2 (1630-1815)

'Ethnic' Boundaries in Complex Conflicts: Assessing Concepts and Theories in Practical Research. Northern Ireland and Beyond

Conveners: Prof. Jennifer Todd (UCD), Dr. Andrew Finlay (TCD), Dr. Duncan Morrow (University of Ulster)

Panel Session 6 (1630-1815)

Ethnic and National Boundaries in Kenya and Somalia

Segal: Border and Space in Rendille Land- The Rendille Approach Toward Local and National Borders
Jenkins: Comes with the Territory: Space Identity and Conflict in Urban Kenya
Locherv: Embodying the Border: Somalis in Kenya
Gebreluel: Warfare and the Making and Unmaking of Identity Boundaries; Evidence from Somalia and Somaliland

Subnational Movements in Europe: Scotland, Flanders, Catalonia and the Basque Region

Cetr: Our language, Our Rules? Assessing the Compatibility between the Linguistic Regimes in Catalonia and Flanders and the Politico-Moral Principles of Liberalism
Etherington: The Changing Boundaries of National Homelands: a Comparative study of Catalanand Basque Nationalism
Muro: Sorry, We Are Closed. The End of ETA's Violent Campaign and Its Impact on Basque Secessionism
Sotiriu: Reacting to an Ideological Other: Why Secessionism in Scotland is Left-Wing and in Flanders, Right-Wing

Thursday 29 March 2012 (Details)

Panel Session 7 (0900-1045)

War, Conflict and National Boundaries: Kurdish Nationalism and Nagorny-Karabagh

Bajalan: Voices From the Ottoman Borderlands: Kurdish Nationalism as a Discourse of Resistance
Wuthrich: Three Paradoxes in the Development of Kurdish Nationalism in Turkey
Harutyunyan: Imagining National Identity Through Territorial Politics: War in Nagorny Karabagh, Elites and Citizens
Jackson: The Formation and Transformation of Social and Symbolic Boundaries in Ethnically Divided Societies: The Case of Northern Ireland and Quebec
Voronkova: Polarisation As Ethnic Boundary (Re)drawing: The Transformation of Interethnic Relations in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict (1988-1991)

Reconsidering Post-Colonial Boundaries in Africa

Nwaka: Colonial Boundaries in Contemporary Africa: The Bakassi Peninsula in Nigeria-Cameroon Border Conflict
Amoah: The Ewe Belt of West Africa
Tsuruta: Examining Nationalism in South-Eastern Rwanda
Hiribarren: The Long Scramble for Borno

Palestinian and Israeli Encounters and Boundaries

Kaufman: Social Protest and Ideological-Political Rift: The 2011 Social Protest in the Eyes of the Palestinian Citizens of Israel
Pasquetti: Morality Talks and National Encounters across the Green Line: Towards A Relational Approach to Palestinians under Israeli Rule
Attwell: Olive Branches and Bent Twigs: An Examination of the National Identity Discourses of Leftist Israeli-Jewish Dissidents

Workshop 3 (1115-1300)

State Borders and Nationalism - Difficulties Analyzing National Borders: The Irish Border as A case Study

Conveners: Prof. Liam Dowd & Prof. James Anderson

Panel Session 8 (1115-1300)

Citizenship and Belonging: Rules, Politics and Perceptions

Rhee: The Politics of Multiple Belonging: Voting Rights for Denizens and Dual Citizens in South Korea
McMahon: Symbolic Politics of Immigrant Identity: Identities, Values and Perceptions of Romanian Migrants in Italian and Spanish Parliamentary Debates
Yetkin: Migrants and Conceptualization of Citizenship: Case Studies of Turkish Migrants in Canada and Germany, Return Migrants in Turkey
Giudici: Claiming the National in a Stateless Nation: Migrant Identities in Post-devolution Wales

Diaspora Communities and Boundary-making

Kmec: Immigrant Communities, Transnational Connections and Intercultural Encounter - Preserving Ethnic and National Boundaries Abroad?
Cavoukian: Discursive Power Ministries? The Emerging Phenomenon of Ministries of Diaspora
Gannon: 'Ourselves alone'? The Irish in Great Britain and the Remapping of Revolutionary Boundaries
Kataria: Role of Refugee 'Collective Memory' in the Rise of Ethno-National Conflict: The Case of the Sikhs of Punjab
Cieslak: Between the Land and the Homeland: The Boundaries of the Nation, Nationalism and Class. Polish Peasants in the United States, 1880-1914

Panel Session 9 (1415-1600)

The Territorial Management of Conflict
Wolff: Conflict Management in Divided Societies: The Many Uses of Territorial Self-governance
Shelef: Territory, Partition, and Conflict
Martin: Sharing Power After Deadly Conflict: Territorial Decentralization and Segmental Autonomy
Kennedy: Ernest Gellner and the Search for a Liberal Escape from Homogeneity: Drawing Bosnia's Borders in the Dayton Peace Accords

Technology and Methodology: The Internet and Cognitive Mapping

Sharp: Binaries of Nation: Minority Discourses and the Internet
Theodorelis-Rigas: From 'Imagined' to 'Virtual Communities': Greek-Turkish Encounters in Cyberspace
Mock: Mapping the Emotional Boundaries of the Nation: the Application of Cognitive-affective Mapping (CAM) Methodology to the Study of National Identity
Halikiopoulou, Mock and Vasilopoulou: The Civic Zeitgeist: Nationalism and Liberal Values in the European Radical Right

Economic Nationalism

Pokarier: The Mundane Boundaries of Economic Nationalism
Aykac and Yanardag: Boundaries at Work and Making of Identity in the Labor Market: The Turkish Experience
Teo: Valiant Revolutionaries, National Heroes and Local Thugs: Smugglers and the Underground Economy in the PRC-DRPK Borderland
Redi: Economic and Ethnic Boundaries According to Lega Nord Policies

Plenary Session 3 (1630-1800)

Miguel Centeno: "The Geography of American Nationalism"
Michèle Lamont: "Responses to Discrimination and the transformation of group boundaries in Brazil, Israel, and the United States"