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2010 Conference Papers

Prof. Joshua Andy - Zhukov and Civil-Military Relations|

Mr. Mark Baczoni - ‘Saviour of the Nation’ Benito Mussolini, Philippe Pétain, and the Judeo- Christian messianic ideal in modern political nationalism |

Ms. Sabine Burghart - Charismatic leadership, succession, and legitimacy: Political pragmatism in North Korea and China?|

Shih Chien-Yu - The Creation of Modern Uighur Nationalist Figures: the World Uighur Congress and its Leadership |

Dr. Montserrat Clua i Faine - President Pujol, or, how a charismatic politician can symbolise Catalan nationalism |

Dr. Yitzhak Conforti - The Cultural Alternative: Charisma and Reason in the Zionist Movement |

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Decherf - Napoleon and the Poets|

Dr. John Dyce - Grundtvig Poet and Prophet, Pedagogical Pioneer and Politician|

Prof. Lars Elenius - Charismatic Ethnicity as a Tool for Political Mobilisation: The Case of Sámi |

Mr. John Mark French - Old Hickory, New Nation: Andrew Jackson and American National Identity |

Prof. Allon Gal - Modernity, Charisma, and National Reconstruction: The Case of David Ben-Gurion, 'Founding Father' of the State of Israel |

Dr. Emo Gotsbachner - Talking about Joerg Haider: How 'Volksnähe' became a major criterion for the assessment of politicians|

Mr. Kasper Hoffman - The Charisma of Authenticity in DR Congo|

Dr. Rico Issacs - Charisma and Nation-Building in Kazakhstan: the post-Soviet leadership of Nursultan Nazarbayev |

Dr. Preminda Jacob - Person, Myth and Icon: The Visual Culture of Charisma in the Transformation of Tamil Nationalism |

Dr. Edwige Kacenelenbogen - Nationalism without charisma: an inquiry into the similarity between liberal nationalism and the libertarian concept of spontaneous order|

Dr. Murray Leith and Ewan Crawford - The role of charismatic leadership in a nationalist movement – A Case Study |

Mr. Barak Levy-Shilat - Moses Montefiore: Charisma and Leadership Inside and Outside the British Jewish Community |

Ms. Ana Ljubojevic - We Can Be Heroes: Rise and Fall of Yugoslav Leaders|

Prof. Gregory Lobo - The Charisma of the Nation: understanding the success of uribismo in Colombia |

Dr. Alice Mocanescu - Practising Immortality: Schemes for Conquering ‘Time’ during the Ceauşescu Era|

Dr. Ulrika Möller and Dr. Isabell Schierenbeck - From Nationhood to Statehood: Exploring the Rold of Charisma in Political Leadership.pdf |

Ms. Natascha Mueller-Hirth - After the rainbow nation: Jacob Zuma, charismatic leadership and national identities in Post-Polokwane South Africa

Dr. Sami Nassar and Dr. George Richardson - The Many Uses of Charisma: A Comparative Study of the Portrayal of National Heroes in Canadian and Egyptian School Texts |

Dr. Vassilis Petsinis - Yugoslav Myths|

Ms. Tamara Pavasovic Trost - A Personality Cult Transformed The Evolution of Tito’s Image in the Former Yugoslavia 1974 - 2009

Dr. Sam Pryke - Baden-Powell, Charisma and National Leadership |

Dr. Xavier Rangel-Ortiz - Magical and Mythical Thinking As Charismatic Constructs of Mexican Nationalism |

Mr. Jarrad Reddekop - Charisma and the Problem of Enchantment in Modernity |

Prof. Angel Rivero - Salazar and Charismatic Leadership: Catholic Nationalism and the Portuguese New State |

Dr. Dirk Rochtus - Is the Renascence of the Flemish Nationalism Due to the Charismatic Authority of N-VA Chairman Bart De Wever? |

Dr. Ofer Shiff - Abba Hillel Silver and David Ben-Gurion: A Diaspora Leader Challenges the Revered Status of the "Founding Father"|

Mr. Mark Slinsky - Jihad's Charisma: Mullah Omar, Osama bin Laden, and Charismatic Leadership in Afghanistan |

Mr. David Smith - The state confronts religious charisma: The case of nineteenth-­century American Mormonism |

Prof. Roman Szul - Charismatic personalities of mixed ethno-cultural background and their role in national movements in Central - Eastern Europe |

Mr. Kees Terlouw - Spaces of Charisma and the Charisma of Spaces |

Karmanye Thadani - Impact of the "Founding Fathers" of Nations and Their Legal Systems |

Mr. Tobias Thiel - Prophet of Revolution: The Construction of Hassan Nasrallah’s Charismatic Authority |

Ms. Annalisa Urbano - The emergence of Mohamed Abdullah Hassan as a Somali national hero |

Dr. Veljko Vujačić - Charismatic and Plebiscitary Leadership and the Uses of National Tradition: A Comparison of Slobodan Milošević and Franjo Tudjman |

Dr. Ben Wellings - Enoch Powell: elite manipulation and popular mobilisation in English nationalism|