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ASEN Executive Committee


Kristin Hissong (Co-chair)

Kristin Hissong

Kristin is a PhD candidate at King's College London in the Middle East and Mediterranean Studies department Her thesis, Ethnicity in the Development of National Identity in a Divided Society: Competing Allegiances among Moroccan Jewry, 1870-1948,investigates Jewish diaspora ethnicity under the competing triangle of French assimilation, Moroccan nationalism, and political Zionism and why the predominant national narrative in Morocco came to be Arab-Islamic. Kristin's other research interests include anti-colonial movements, particularly Negritude, and collective memory and minority studies.

Pheroze Unwalla (Chair)

Pheroze Unwalla

Pheroze Unwalla is a PhD Candidate in the Department of History at the School of Oriental & African Studies (University of London). In brief, his dissertation investigates the history of Turkish national remembrance of the 1915 Battle of Gallipoli (Çanakkale Savasi). His research interests include the confluence of memory and narrative, space and place, and the national and transnational in modern Turkey and the modern Middle East at large."


Eleanor Knott (Co-chair)

Eleanor KnottEllie is a PhD candidate at the Department of Government, LSE. Her thesis will explore Romanian and Russian kin-state policies in Moldova and Crimea from a bottom-up perspective. Her research interests include nationalism, identity and kin-state relations in post-communist and post-Soviet states.


Durkan Kuzu (Chair)

Durukan Kuzu

Durukan Kuzu is a PhD candidate in the Government Department at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is also a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Government for GV350- ' Theories and Problems of Nationalism' . His dissertation questions the viability of multiculturalism in different contexts with regard to the civic- ethnic dichotomy of nationalism. His research interests include comparative politics, multiculturalism, egalitarian liberalism, nationalism, human rights and minority problems.|


Anastasia Voronkova (Editor)

Anastasia VoronkovaDr. Anastasia Voronkova is a Teaching Assistant in the School of Politics and International Relations, Queen Mary, University of London. She holds a BA in Law and Politics, an MA in Global and Comparative Politics and a PhD in Politics, all from Queen Mary, University of London. Her research interests include nationalism and ethnicity in deeply divided societies, comparative ethnic conflict and conflict regulation, ethnic conflicts in the South Caucasus and Northern Ireland and symbolic approaches to ethnic conflict studies.|


 Anna Smith

Anna Smith

After finishing her undergraduate degree in 2010 from Appalachian State University in Spanish and Political Science, Anna worked for Amnesty International USA in Washington, DC as Internship Coordinator for the DC and NY offices. Anna recently moved from the US to London to complete a MSc in Comparative Politics (Conflict Studies) at the LSE.|


Adeem Mufti

Adeem Mufti

Adeem Mufti is studying for a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Economics at LSE. He has worked as Head of Marketing and Logistics for the LSESU Economics Conference 2011 and as Director Marketing, Media and PR for the LSESU Investment Society. He has interned at Pak Oman Asset Management Company and Ernst & Young (Sidat Hyder).


Chris Moffat

Chris Moffat

Chris is a PhD student in the Faculty of History at the University of Cambridge. His research is concerned with traditions of dissent in twentieth and twenty-first century South Asia, the history of political thought and the effect of distortion in the history of ideas. He is also interested in the relationship between urban space and trajectories of nationalism. He has been involved with ASEN since September 2008."

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David Landon Cole

David Landon Cole

David is an LSE alumni twice over, who will be starting a PhD in October, looking at the far right in Europe.


Rico Tsui

Rico Tsui is a first year student studying BSc Management Science at London School of Economics and Political Science. She has several working experience in the field of PR and advertisement.


Ulrike Theuerkauf

Ulrike is a PhD candidate and teaching fellow in the Department of Government at LSE. Her PhD research deals with the impact of institutional combinations and informal political institutions on the risk of ethnic civil war

Carolyn Heitmeyer

Carolyn Heitmeyer

Carolyn, co-Editor for the Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism journal, received her PhD in Anthropology in 2009 from the LSE and has since been working as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Anthropology of the University of Sussex. Her doctoral work focused on Muslim identity, ethnic violence and Hindu nationalism in Gujarat, India. More recently, she has continued her focus on India through research on the way in which global discourses of human rights are interpreted locally by NGOs in Rajasthan, India. She is currently expanding her focus on health in India through a study of the emerging biotech industry, specifically with relation to stem cell research and therapy and biobanking.

Danielle Hemple

Danielle holds a B.A. in East Asian Studies and a J.D. from Columbia University, and an M.Phil in Politics from the University of Oxford. She was a Chair of ASEN's 18th Annual Conference, "Nationalism East and West: Civic and Ethnic Conceptions of Nationhood."|

Nations & Nationalism

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