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Henry Wynn

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About the author and department

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Centre for the Analysis of Time Series (CATS):

Relevant research

Bates, R. A., Buck, R. J., Riccomagno, E. and Wynn, H. P. Experimental design and observation for large systems. With discussion and a reply by the authors. J. Roy. Statist. Soc. Ser. B 58 (1996), 77–94, 95–111.

Pistone, G. and Wynn, H. P. Generalised confounding with Gröbner bases. Biometrika 83 (1996), no. 3, 653–666.

Bates, R. A., Giglio, B. and Wynn, H. P. A global selection procedure for polynomial interpolators. Technometrics 45 (2003), 246–255.

Bates, R. A., Kenett, R. S. and Steinberg, D. M. and Wynn, H. P. Achieving robust design from computer simulations. Qual. Technol. Quant. Manag. 3 (2006), 161–177.

Perry, M., Bates, R.A., Wynn, H.P., Atherton, M.A., A finite element based formulation for sensitivity studies of piezoelectric systems, Smart Materials & Structures. Vol. 17(1), February 2008, 015015 (7pp). ISSN 0964-1726.

Oldfield, M.J., Atherton, M.A., Bates, R.A., Perry, M.A., Wynn, H.P., Modal validation of a cantilever plate MEMS piezoelectric actuator illustrating sensitivity to 3D characterisation, Electroceramics. Vol 25(1), August 2009, pp 45-55, ISSN: 1385-3449. 

Evidence of impact

Press releases and articles:

Nissha licence 29/12/2009

HiWave information sheet on its Farina audio transducers

HiWave tips glasses frames that provide audio, EE Times, 26 July 2012:

Toshiba 12GL, world’s first glasses-free 3D TV, hits shops in Japan, HDTV Test, 22 December 2010:

Hybra Tech personal audio device, Jan 2010:


Yota mobile phone, incorporating DMA

NXT reports:

Cell phone DMA Advance information. (DMA in Yota handset, designed along KPI parameters)

Farina module presentation, using a DMA using KPI analysis

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