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Edgar Whitley

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About the author and department

Personal webpage:

Department of Management:

Relevant research

Whitley EA and Hosein G (2010) Global challenges for identity policies. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.

Pouloudi A and Whitley EA (1997) Stakeholder identification in inter-organizational systems: Gaining insights for drug use management systems. European journal of information systems 6(1), 1-14.

Hosein IR and Whitley EA (2002) The regulation of electronic commerce: learning from the UK's RIP act. Journal of Strategic Information Systems 11(1), 31-58.

LSE Identity Project (2005) Main Report (27 June)

Some more recent publications

Whitley Edgar A., Aaron K. Martin and Gus Hosein (2014) From surveillance-by-design to privacy-by-design: Evolving identity policy in the UK. In History of surveillance (Boersma Kees, Rosamunde van Brakel, Chiara Fonio and Pieter Wagenaar eds.) Routledge, London. (ISBN 978-0415829465)

Whitley Edgar A. and Uri Gal (2014) Special issue on information systems, identification and identity. European Journal of Information Systems 23(1), 17-95. (ISSN 0960-085X) This is the special issue they co-edited – the next is the editorial piece they wrote for the special issue

Whitley Edgar A., Uri Gal and Annemette Kjærgaard (2014) Who do you think you are? A review of the complex interplay between information systems, identification and identity. European Journal of Information Systems 23(1), 17-35. (ISSN 0960-085X)

Martin Aaron K and Edgar A. Whitley (2013) Fixing identity? Biometrics and the tensions of material practices. Media, culture and society 35(1), 52-60. (ISSN 0163-4437)

Whitley Edgar A. (2013) On technology neutral policies for e–identity: A critical reflection based on UK identity policy. Journal of international commercial law and technology 8(2), 134-147. (ISSN 1901-8401)

Evidence of impact

Parliamentary debates:

Science and Technology Select Committee (2006) Identity Card Technologies: Scientific advice, risk and evidence. House of Commons Sixth Report of Session 2005-06. Archived at

Whitley EA (2007) Submission to the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee inquiry into "A surveillance society?" by the London School of Economics and Political Science Identity Project (24 April). 

Whitley EA (2007) Submission to the House of Lords Constitution Committee inquiry into the “Impact of Surveillance & Data Collection” (16 July).

Public and media perceptions: 

Pieri E (2009) ID cards: A snapshot of the debate in the UK press. ESRC National Centre for e-Social Science (23 April). Archived at

Work with the Cabinet Office on its Identity Assurance Programme: 

Cabinet Office (2012) Less About Identity, More About Trust (4 October) Archived at

Cabinet Office (2012) Digital public services: putting the citizen in charge, not the state (25 April) Archived at

Impact outside the UK

Standing committee on Finance (India) (2011) The national identification authority of India Bill, 2010 Ministry of Planning (13 December). Archived at

Relevant video and audio

The Politics of Personal Identity:

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