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Charles Stafford and Stephan Feutchwang

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About the author and department

Personal webpages:

Charles Stafford:

Stephan Feutchwang:

Anthropology Department:

Relevant research

Stephan Feuchtwang: selected publications on communal identity and collective memory:2011. After the event: the transmission of grievous loss in Germany, China and Taiwan. Berghahn Books, London, UK. LSE Research Online ID: 32186

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2000. Separation and reunion in modern China. CUP. LSE Research Online ID: 12835

2013. Ordinary ethics in China [edited volume], London: Bloomsbury. Available from LSE on request.

2010. The punishment of ethical behaviour. In: Lambek, Michael, (ed.) Ordinary ethics: anthropology, language, and action. Fordham University Press, New York, UK, pp. 187-206. Available from LSE on request.

Evidence of impact

Citations: Chi Chan (Min Quan) Discussion paper on the UK Chinese Community and Representation. Conference on the Representation, Rights and Migration of the UK Chinese Community. 16th March 2010. House of Commons.

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Market Research Society (MRS) Virginia Valentine Award

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Relevant video and audio

Charles Stafford on Radio 4:

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