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Andrew Scott, Robert Baldwin, Andrew Murray

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About the author and department

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Andrew Scott:

Robert Baldwin:

Andrew Murray:

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Relevant research

Baldwin, R. (1997) Rules and Government (Oxford University Press).

Baldwin, R. and Cave, M. (1999) Understanding Regulation (Oxford University Press).

Murray, A. (2010) Information Technology Law: The Law and Society (Oxford University Press).

Murray, A. (2006), The Regulation of Cyberspace: Control in the Online Environment (London: Routledge-Cavendish).

Scott, A. (2010) Carter-Ruck on Libel and Privacy (6th edn, London: LexisNexis), chs. 18-23.

Scott, A. (2010) ‘Prior Notification in Privacy Cases: a reply to Professor Phillipson’) Journal of Media Law 2(1), 49-65.

Scott, A. (2011) ‘Where Next for Privacy Law?’ British Politics and Policy at LSE.


Evidence of impact

Mosley v United Kingdom 48009/08 [2011] ECHR 774:

CTB v News Group Newspapers Ltd and Imogen Thomas [2011] EWHC 1232 (QB):

Robert Baldwin made an invited presentation to the Leveson Inquiry into the Culture, Practices and Ethics of the Press on the theme of 'Supporting a free press and high standards: approaches to regulation'.


Inquiry report – see section 1.21 on p.15:


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