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Carsten Sørensen

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About the author and department

Personal webpage:

Management Department:

Relevant research

Eaton, B., Elaluf-Calderwood, S., Sørensen, C. and Yoo, Y. (2015) Distributed tuning of boundary resources: the case of Apple's iOS service system. MIS Quarterly, 39 (1): 217-243.

Sørensen, C. (2011) Enterprise Mobility: Tiny Technology with Global Impact on Work. Palgrave. or

Tilson, D., Lyytinen, K., & Sørensen, C. (2010) Research commentary - Digital Infrastructures: The Missing IS Research Agenda. Information Systems Research, 21(4): 748–759.

Mathiassen, L. & C. Sørensen (2008): Towards A Theory of Organizational Information Services. Journal of Information Technology, 23(4): 313-329.

Sørensen, C. and Pica, D. (2005): Tales from the Police: Mobile Technologies and Contexts of Work. Information and Organization. 15(3): 125-149.

Kakihara and Sørensen (2001): Expanding the 'mobility' concept. ACM SIGGROUP Bulletin, 22(3): 33-37.

Robertson, M., C. Sørensen, and J. Swan (2001): Survival of the Leanest: Intensive Knowledge Work and Groupware Adaptation. Information Technology & People. 14(4): 334-353.

Sørensen, C. & U. Snis (2001): Innovation Through Knowledge Codification. Journal of Information Technology, 16(2): 83-97.

Evidence of impact

The first report: Sørensen, C. and Gear, R. (2007) Innovating with ICT: The Executive Challenge. PA Consulting Group Report. London.

Compilation Report of remaining three reports: Sørensen, C., R. Gear, and D. Elton (2009) Listen! Engage! Be! Open for Innovation with Information Technology. Compilation of three PA Consulting Group – LSE Reports.

Elton, D., R. Gear, and C. Sørensen, C., (2008): Innovation beyond Automation. Article for British Computing Society publication celebrating its 50th Anniversary based on joint PowerPoint document used by David Elton, PA Consulting & Dr Carsten Sørensen, LSE, on the future of business innovation with information technology.

PA Consulting Group’s annual innovation event, held on 27 November 2013, focused on the topic of ‘Exploring the challenge and possibilities of disruptive change’:

Relevant video and audio

A series of 10 videos on ‘digital infrastructure innovation’ are available at

Sørensen and David Elton of PA Consulting speak on ‘How disruptive should change leaders be?’ at an event for senior executives at the Royal Society for British Architects (RIBA), 27 November 2013:

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