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Michael Power

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Relevant research

Power, M. (1994) The Audit Explosion. London: Demos.

Power (1997) The Audit Society: Rituals of Verification (Oxford). (Translated into French, Japanese, Italian) (in top 3 cited works in accounting field) 2nd edition.

Power, M. (2004) The Risk Management of Everything. London: Demos.

Power, M. (2007) Organized Uncertainty: Designing a World of Risk Management (Oxford) (Translated into Japanese)

Power, M. (2009) ‘The risk management of nothing’ Accounting, Organizations and Society. 34: 849-55.

Evidence of impact

Auditing: House of Commons Treasury Committee (2009) Banking Crisis: reforming corporate governance and pay in the City (2009) Chapter 6.

House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs (2010) Auditors: Market Concentration and Their Role. Volume 1: Report, p. 10, Volume II Evidence, pp. 9-18.

Building the audit reporting enforcement pyramid: a discussion document,’ paper presented to the UK Auditing Practices Board, March 2010. BIS (2010) Memorandum of evidence for House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee on ‘Auditors: Market Concentration and Their Role’.

Also BIS (2010) UK government response to EU Green Paper on Audit, citation of ‘Audit Society’ p. 5.

For related influence on Canadian audit and evaluation thinking, citations in work of John Mayne formerly of the Canadian Office of the Auditor General. See Mayne, J. (2010) ‘Performance auditing: cozy, comfortable and in need of challenge,’ Optimum online: The Journal of Public Sector Management 40(3)

Munro (2011), The Munro Review of Child Protection - Final Report: A Child-Centred System, p. 19.

Risk Management: CIMA (2009) Drivers of Risk Management: Adapting Risk Management to Organizational Motives (cites Power 2007) p. 6.

Minutes of Evidence; House of Lords Select Committee Economic Affairs 8.11.05. Salz Review: An Independent Review of Barclays’ Business Practices, pp. 84-85.

CIMA Study note. Financial Management, Feb 2009, pp. 50-52.


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