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Christopher Pissarides

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About the author and department:

Personal webpage:

Christopher Pissarides:

Rachel Ngai:

Economics Department:

Relevant research:

Pissarides, Christopher (2011) ‘Equilibrium in the Labor Market with Search Frictions’, American Economic Review 101: 1092-1105 (the Nobel lecture).

Ngai, Rachel and Christopher Pissarides (2007) ‘Structural Change in a Multi-Sector Model of Growth’, American Economic Review 97: 429-43.

Herrendorf, Berthold, Richard Rogerson and Akos Valentinyi, (2013) ‘Two Perspectives on Preferences and Structural Transformation’, American Economic Review [in press]

Ngai, Rachel and Christopher Pissarides (2008) ‘Trends in Hours and Economic Growth’, Review of Economic Dynamics 11: 239-56. DOI: 10.1016/ Ngai, Rachel and Christopher Pissarides (2011) ‘Taxes, Social Subsidies and the Allocation of Work Time’, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics 4: 1-26.

Evidence of impact:

Pissarides, Christopher (2006). ‘Lisbon Five Years Later: What Future for European Employment and growth?’ In Innovations in Labour Market Policies: Challenges in Times of Globalisation, International Conference February 16-17, 2006, Vienna, published by Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour, Studenring 1, 1011 Vienna, Austria, 2006

Jobs for Europe Conference papers are at

British Academy comment on the 2012 Autumn Statement is at: 

Professor Pissarides is declared a Laureate of the Kiel Institute's 2015 Global Economy Prize:

Relevant video and audio:

Gearty Grilling with Chris Pissarides, 30 April 2015:

Chris Pissarides interview on ‘Where are the jobs going to come from?’ (World Economic Forum, October 2013):

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