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Mathijs Pelkmans

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About the author and department

Personal webpage:

Anthropology Department:

Relevant research

Pelkmans, Mathijs (ed.) (2009) Conversion after Socialism: Disruptions, modernisms, and technologies of faith in the former Soviet Union. Berghahn Books. Available from LSE.

Pelkmans, Mathijs (2010) ‘Religious crossings and conversions on the Muslim – Christian frontier in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan’, Anthropological Journal of European Cultures 19 (2): 109-28.

Pelkmans, Mathijs (2012) ‘Chaos and Order along the (Former) Iron Curtain’, in H. Donnan and T. Wilson. The Blackwell Companion to Border Studies, pp. 269-82. Wiley Blackwell. Available from LSE.

Pelkmans, Mathijs (2009) ‘The transparency of Christian proselytizing in Kyrgyzstan’, Anthropological Quarterly 82 (2): 423-46.

McBrien, Julie and Mathijs Pelkmans (2008) ‘Turning Marx on his Head: Missionaries, ‘extremists,’ and archaic secularists in post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan’, Critique of Anthropology 28 (1):87-103.

Hann, Chris, and Mathijs Pelkmans. (2009) ‘Realigning Religion and Power in Central Asia: Islam, nation-state and (post)socialism’, Europe-Asia Studies 61 (9): 1517-41.

Pelkmans, Mathijs (ed.) (2013). Ethnographies of Doubt: Uncertainty and Faith in Contemporary Societies. I.B. Tauris.

Evidence of impact

Training and mentoring anthropologists

Ab Imperio article:

Transnational Social Review article:

Improving capacity-building programmes

Document ‘External Review 2012’ of the Academic Fellowship Program by Mathijs Pelkmans and Kenneth Yalowitz, 25 June 2012.

Relevant video and audio

LSE event on REF 2014 impact case studies (June 2014):

Mathijs gives an overview of his research and impact: in collecting evidence: Top-down versus grassroots impact:


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