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Henry Overman, Paul Cheshire

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About the authors, department and centres

Henry Overman:

Paul Cheshire:

Geography Department:

Research centres: SERC:

What Works for Local Economic Growth:

Relevant research

Combes, P. P., G. Duranton and H. G. Overman (2005) ‘Agglomeration and the Adjustment of the Spatial Economy’. Papers in Regional Science 84 (3), pp. 311-349.

Duranton, G. and H. G. Overman (2005) ‘Testing for Localisation Using Micro Geographic Data’. The Review of Economic Studies, 72 (4), pp. 1077-1106.

Cheshire, P, Magrini, S (2005) ‘Urban growth drivers in a Europe of sticky people and implicit boundaries’. Journal of Economic Geography, 9 (1). pp. 85-115.

Gibbons, S., and O. Silva (2008) ‘Urban density and pupil attainment’, Journal of Urban Economics, 63 (2): 631-650.

Cheshire, P. and C.A.L. Hilber, (2008), ‘Office space supply restrictions in Britain: the political economy of market revenge’. Economic Journal, 118 (529).

Hilber, C. and W. Vermeulen (2012) ‘The Impact of Supply Constraints on House Prices in England, SERC Discussion Paper no. 119.  ,

Overman, H. G. and P. Rice (2008) ‘Resurgent Cities and Regional Economic Performance’. SERC Policy Paper 001

Cheshire, P.C., M. Nathan and H.G. Overman (2014) Urban Economics and Urban Policy: Challenging Conventional Policy Wisdom. Edward Elgar Publishing. See description at

Evidence of impact

BIS (2010) Local Growth White Paper that references LSE research to make the case for the Coalition’s new approach:

Cabinet Office (2011) Unlocking Growth in Cities, where LSE research is used to make the case for lining up decision-making with functional local areas:

Use of the research by another think tank, Centre for Cities: Room for Improvement: Creating the financial incentives needed for local economic growth: 

The Green Belt: A Place for Londoners? (2015) London First, Quod and SERC.

Blogs and non-academic articles by the authors

Overman, H. The economic future of British cities, CentrePiece, Summer 2013:

Overman, H. The UK’s housing crises, CentrePiece, Winter 2012:

Overman, H. and S. Gibbons. Unequal Britain: how real are regional disparities?, CentrePiece, Autumn 2011:

Overman, H. How did London get away with it?, CentrePiece, Winter 2010/11:

Overman, H. Britain’s regional divide, CentrePiece, Winter 2008/9:

Relevant video and audio

Henry Overman speaks at ‘The economic future of British cities: what should urban policy do?’, LSE Panel (January 2013):


Read their case study