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Tim Newburn

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About the author and department

Personal webpage:

Social Policy Department:

Relevant research

Newburn, T. and Shiner, M. (2005) Dealing with Disaffection, Cullompton: Willan Publishing. LSE Research Online ID: 12419

Newburn, T. (2011) Policing youth antisocial behaviour and crime: time for reform? Journal of Children’s Services, 6, 2, 96-105.

Newburn, T. and Reiner, R. (2004) From PC Dixon to Dixon PLC: Policing and Police Powers Since 1954, Criminal Law Review, August, 601-618. LSE Research Online ID: 17280

Newburn, T., Shiner, M. and Hayman, S. (2004) Race, Crime and Injustice? Strip search and the treatment of suspects in custody, British Journal of Criminology, 44, 5, 677-694.

Foster, J., Newburn, T. and Souhami, A. (2005) Assessing the Impact of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, London: Home Office. LSE Research Online ID: 13942

Lewis, P., Newburn, T.,Taylor, M., Mcgillivray, C., Greenhill, A., Frayman, H. and Proctor, R. (2011) Reading the riots: investigating England's summer of disorder. Reading the riots, The London School of Economics and Political Science and The Guardian, London: UK.

Lewis, P. and Newburn, T. (eds) (2011)Reading the Riots: Investigating England’s Summer of Disorder, Guardian Shorts. Available from LSE on request.

Evidence of impact

Rapid funding:ESRC Pilot Urgency Grants Programme

Commendation of the research:House of Commons Home Affairs Committee, Policing Large Scale Disorder: Lessons from the disturbances of August 2011, 16th Report of Session 2010–12, Volume II, Oral/written, Ev 90.

Challenging common wisdom about the ‘rioters’:The initial Newsnight film on Reading the Riots, broadcast on 5th December 2011 can be seen at:

Studio discussion of the Newsnight film:

The Riots: In Their Own Words was first broadcast on BBC1 in August 2012.

Newburn, T. et al. (2011) ‘The four day truce’, Guardian, 6th December

Informing public understanding of the response to the riots:Reading the Riots: Investigating England’s summer of disorder:

England Riots: Police feared for their lives:

Reading the Riots - live Q&A with Sir Hugh Orde, Paul McKeever and Sir Denis O'Connor:

Public debate and official reactions:Theresa May to review stop and search in wake of Reading the Riots study

;Reading the Riots: Investigating England’s summer of disorder:

Met police must 'do things differently' after riots, says senior commissioner:

Riots report shows London needs to maintain police numbers, says Mayor

Rapid riot prosecutions more important than long sentences, says Keir Starmer

Reading the riots – reaction

Reading the Riots conference – Wednesday 14 December 2011.

Formal review of stop and search procedures:Theresa May announces review of police stop-and-search powers - video

Explicit reference to the LSE research is made in the Background Paper. The Management Team briefing document mentions ‘two reports into the riots’ (one of which was Reading the Riots) but not by name. This source is confidential Available from LSE on request.HMIC (2013) Stop and Search Powers: Are the police using them effectively and fairly?

London: HMIC.

House of Commons Debates 2nd July 2013.

Relevant video

LSE event on REF 2014 impact case studies (June 2014):1. Tim presents his research and impact:

2. Reach of his impact:

3. Significance of his impact:

4. Advice on working with journalists:

5. Challenges of working with journalists:

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