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Eileen Munro

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About the author and department

Expert’s Page for Eileen Munro

Social Policy Department:

Relevant research

Munro, E. (2010) ‘Learning to reduce risk in child protection’. British Journal of Social Work, 40, 1135-1151.

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Evidence of impact

Munro’s reports: Munro, E. (2010) The Munro Review of Child Protection: Part One: A Systems Analysis.

Munro, E. (2011) The Munro Review of Child Protection: Part Two: The Child’s Journey.

Munro, E. (2011) The Munro Review of Child Protection, Final Report: A Child-centred System.

Munro, E. (2012) Munro Review of Child Protection, Interim Progress Report: Moving towards a child-centred system, London, DfE.

Government response: DfE (2011) A child-centred system, The Government’s response to the Munro review of child protection, London, DfE.

DfE (2011) Oral answer by Q. 18 by Michael Gove on Munro Report, progress on implementation of recommendations of Munro report into child protection, 4th March 2013.

Organisational changes: Ofsted (2012) Framework for the inspection of local authority arrangements for the protection of children, London, Ofsted.

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Department of Health (2012) White Paper, Caring for our Future. P.52.

Announcement of receipt of the 2014 President's Medal of the Operations Research Society for the Munro Review of Child Protection:

Impact beyond England

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