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Alec Morton and Mara Airoldi

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About the authors, department and centre

Mara Airoldi (Oxford):

Gwyn Bevan:

Alec Morton (Strathclyde):

Management Department:

Relevant research

Airoldi, M. and Morton, A. (2011). “Portfolio Decision Analysis for population health”. In A. Salo, J. Keisler and A. Morton (Eds.), Portfolio Decision Analysis: improved methods for resource allocation. New York: Springer.

Airoldi, M., G Bevan, A Morton, M Oliveira and J Smith (2008) "Requisite models for strategic commissioning: the example of type 1 diabetes", Health Care Management Science, 11: 89-110.

Airoldi, M. and Morton, A. (2009). “Adjusting Life for Quality or Disability: Stylistic Difference or Substantial Dispute?” Health Economics, 18(11), 1237-1247.

Airoldi, M. (2013). “Disinvestments in practice: overcoming resistance to change through a socio-technical approach with local stakeholders”. Journal of Health Policy, Politics and Law, 38 (6): 1151-73.

Airoldi, M., Morton, A., Smith, J., and Bevan, G. (2011). Healthcare prioritisation at the local level: a socio-technical approach. SYMPOSE working paper no 7. London: Department of Management, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Evidence of impact

The assessment framework developed by LSE researchers is shaping the way of thinking of those responsible for setting healthcare priorities in the UK and beyond: Nuti, S. and M. Vainieri (2013) Priority setting in sanità: l’esperienza del percorso scompenso cardiaco e diabete mellito di tipo 2, Il Mulino: Bologna. Available from LSE on request. NHS Isle of Wight (2009). NHS Regional Health and Social Care Awards 2009. A description of the award received for the collaboration with the Isle of Wight:

IMPRESS (2012). IMPRESS Guide to the relative value of COPD interventions. British Thoracic Society Reports Volume 4 ISSN 2040-2023: British Thoracic Society Reports, Vol 4 Executive Summary: 

Gray, M. and El Turabi, A. (2012) “Optimising the value of interventions for populations”. British Medical Journal, 345: e6192.

Positive site-specific impacts on the local health economy: Health Foundation (2012). Looking for value in hard times.

Health Foundation (2010). Commissioning with the community: exploring how the Isle of Wight used a value for money approach to set local priorities.

Shaping the way healthcare planners think about setting priorities: Health Select Committee. Commissioning, Session 2008-09 HC 1020-i. London, the Stationery Office, 2009. 

Third Report of Session 2010-11, evidence, HC 513-II. London, the Stationery Office, 2010.

Accessed 20/11/2013. Morton, A. and Airoldi, M. (2010). Incorporating health inequalities considerations in PCT priority setting. LSE Management Science Group working paper LSEOE10.122. This is a paper commissioned by the Department of Health to shape the thinking of healthcare planners on how to set priorities to reduce health inequalities.

Relevant video and audio

Mara Airoldi and Gwyn Bevan present on 'STAR: using visual economic models to engage stakeholders to increase value in the NHS', an LSE Works public lecture on 5 February 2015:

Read their case study