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Gilberto Montibeller, Lawrence Phillips and Barbara Fasolo

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About the authors and department

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Gilberto Montibeller:

Lawrence Phillips: 

Barbara Fasolo:

Management Department:

Relevant research

Phillips, Lawrence. D., & Phillips, Maryann C. (1993). Facilitated Work Groups: Theory and Practice. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 44(3), 533-549. This paper summarises the general philosophy of decision conferencing.

Phillips, Lawrence D. and Bana e Costa, Carlos A. (2007) Transparent prioritisation, budgeting and resource allocation with multi-criteria decision analysis and decision conferencing. Annals of Operations Research, 154 (1). pp. 51-68.  This is the most up-to-date statement of the decision conferencing approach.

Morton, Alec and Fasolo, Barbara (2009) Behavioural decision theory for multi-criteria decision analysis: a guided tour. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 60 . pp. 268-275. This paper was given as a keynote talk to the Young OR conference in 2007.

Montibeller, Gilberto, Franco, L. Alberto, Lord, Ewan and Iglesias, Aline (2009) Structuring resource allocation decisions: a framework for building multi-criteria portfolio models with area-grouped options. European Journal of Operational Research, 199 (3). pp. 846-856.

Franco, L. Alberto and Montibeller, Gilberto (2010) Facilitated modelling in operational research. European Journal of Operational Research, 205 (3). pp. 489-500. This paper is included in a cluster of papers edited by Franco, Jablonsky, Leopold-Wildburger,and Montibeller on facititated modelling.

Salo, Ahti, Keisler, Jeffrey and Morton, Alec, eds. (2011) Portfolio decision analysis: improved methods for resource allocation.International series in operations research & management science, 162 . Springer, New York, USA. This book is also a key resource, published in the prestigious Springer Series in Operations Research and Management Science, with two international co-authors from Finland and the US.  It contains chapters by Airoldi, Phillips, Montibeller, Fasolo, von Winterfeldt and Morton.

Evidence of impact

Bana e Costa, C. A., Lourenço., João C. and Chagas, Manuel P. and Bana e Costa, João C. (2008). Development of reusable bid evaluation models for the Portuguese Electric Transmission Company. Decision Analysis, 5(1), 22-42. This article describes an ongoing application at the main Portuguese electricity transmission company.

DECC (2011).  Managing Radioactive Waste Safely: Implementing Geological Disposal Annual Report April 2010-March 2011.  London, The Stationary Office:  

Department of Communities and Local Government (2009).  Multi-criteria analysis: a manual.  This was written by Phillips and others as public government guidance on appraisal using multicriteria decision analysis.  The current version is a re-issue of the original 2000 publication under Department of the Environment, Transport and Regions:

Morton, Alec, Airoldi, Mara and Phillips, Lawrence D. (2009) Nuclear risk management on stage: a decision analysis perspective on the UK’s committee on radioactive waste management. Risk Analysis, 29 (5). pp. 764-779. In particular, the Independent Evaluator’s assessment of CORWM’s work includes several favourable comments on the decision conferencing process.

Morton, Alec, Bird, D., Jones, A. and White, M. (2011) Decision conferencing for science prioritisation in the UK public sector: a dual case study. Journal of the Operational Research Society 62 (1). pp. 50-59.  This article describes applications for the Environment Agency and the National Measurement System.

Montibeller, Gilberto, and L. Alberto Franco (2011) Resource Allocation in Local Government with Facilitated Portfolio Decision Analysis. In Portfolio Decision Analysis, edited by Ahti Salo, Jeffrey Keisler, and Alec Morton, pp. 259–81. International Series in Operations Research & Management Science 162. Springer New York.

National Audit Office (2008).  Multicriteria Decision Analysis.  Toolkit for Value for Money Audit.  This was written by Morton as internal guidance for the National Audit Office.  

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