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Robin Mansell

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About the author and department

Personal webpage:

Media & Communications Department:

Relevant research

Mansell, R. et al. (2007) ‘The Challenges of ICTs’ in R. Mansell, et al. The Oxford Handbook of Information and Communication Technologies, Oxford University Press, pp. 1-28, peer reviewed manuscript, sales 1,536 (11/07-03/13).

Mansell, R. and Raboy, M. (2011) ‘Introduction: Foundations of the Theory and Practice of Global Media and Communication Policy’, in R. Mansell and M. Raboy (eds) The Handbook of Global Media and Communication Policy, Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 1-20, peer reviewed manuscript, sales 560 (08/11-03/13)

Mansell, R (2011) ‘Power and Interests in Information and Communication and Development: Exogenous and Endogenous Discourses in Contention’, Journal of International Development, peer reviewed.

Mansell, R. and Steinmueller, W. E. (2013) ‘Digital Infrastructures, Economies and Public Policies: Contending Rationales and Outcome Assessment Strategies’ in W. H. Dutton (ed) The Oxford Handbook of Internet Studies. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 509-530, peer reviewed by external readers. DOI: 10.1177/1461444812470429

Mansell, R. and Steinmueller, W. E. (2013) ‘Copyright Infringement Online: The Case of the Digital Economy Act Judicial Review in the United Kingdom’, New Media & Society, peer reviewed

Mansell, R. and Collins, B. S. (eds) (2005) Trust and Crime in Information Societies, Edward Elgar Publishers, pp.11-55, Sales 556 (04/05-03/13), reviewed by Office of Science and Technology Foresight participants in the Cyber Trust and Cyber Crime Foresight project.

Evidence of impact

Impact on information society policies

Mansell, R. (2008) Communication and Information: Towards a Prospective Research Agenda, Report on a Workshop, UNESCO, Paris, 20-21 December 2007

Mansell, R. and Tremblay, G. (2013) ‘Renewing the Knowledge Societies Vision’,

UNESCO (2013) ‘Towards Knowledge Societies for Peace and Sustainable Development’, First WSIS+10 Review Event, Final Recommendations’, 25-27 Feb,

Impact on moderating copyright infringement measures

Mansell, R. and Steinmueller, W. E. (2010) ‘British Telecommunications plc (“BT”) and TalkTalk Telecom Group Limited v Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (“BIS”) In the matter of an intended claim’, prepared for BT, London, 1 July and further evidence in 2011

BT & TalkTalk v. S. S. Business, Innovation and Skills and Interested Parties, [2011] EWHC 1021 (Admin), 20 April. 

Influence on policies concerning internet security and privacy 

Collins, B. S. and Mansell, R. (2004) ‘Cyber Trust and Crime Prevention: Synthesis of the State of the Art Science Reviews’, OST Foresight Project on CyberTrust and Crime Prevention, at

Relevant video and audio

Presentation at LSE event called 'Children's rights in the digital age', 11 February 2015:

Robin Mansell on ‘Digital Divide’ for Global Policy (June 2013):

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