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Alan Manning

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Resources related to the case study:

About the author and department

Personal webpage:

Economics Department:

Centre for Economic Performance:

Relevant research

Manning, Alan (2003) Monopsony in Motion: Imperfect Competition in Labor Markets, Princeton University Press

Dickens, Richard, Stephen Machin and Alan Manning (1999) ‘The Effect of Minimum Wages on Employment: Theory and Evidence from Britain’, Journal of Labor Economics 17: 1-23.

Machin, Stephen, Alan Manning and Lupin Rahman (2003) ‘Where the Minimum Wage Bites Hard: The Introduction of the UK National Minimum Wage to a Low Wage Sector’, Journal of the European Economic Association 1(1): 154-80.

Dickens, Richard and Alan Manning (2004) ‘Has the National Minimum Wage Reduced UK Wage Inequality?’ Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A 167: 613-26.

Dickens, Richard and Alan Manning (2004) ‘Spikes and Spillovers: The Impact of the National Minimum Wage on the Wage Distribution in a Low-wage Sector’, Economic Journal 114: C95-101. 

Butcher, Tim, Richard Dickens, and Alan Manning (2012) ‘Minimum Wages and Wage Inequality: Some Theory and an Application to the UK’, CEP Discussion Paper No. 1177.

Evidence of impact

Minimum wage in the UK

‘Measuring the Impact of ESRC Funding’, Frontier Economics (2009):

The Low Pay Commission annual reports for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 cite publications listed above:

‘Happy birthday, national minimum wage’, Financial Times:

‘Minimum wage: maximum impact’, Report for the Resolution Foundation, 17 April 2012:

‘More than a minimum?’, New Statesman reaction to report for Resolution Foundation:

‘Gaining from Growth: the final report of the Commission for Living Standards:

‘The argument in the floor’, The Economist, Nov 24, 2012:

More Than a Minimum: The Resolution Foundation Review of the Future of the National Minimum Wage: The Final Report:

Beyond the UK

The Hong Kong Legislative Council Brief cites several CEP publications.

United States: Center for Economic and Policy Research document cites the research on monopsony – ‘Why Does the Minimum Wage Have No Discernible effect on Employment?’:

See also Manning’s article for the July 2013 Milken Institute Review ‘+25%: To Raise, or Not to Raise, the Minimum Wage – Again’.


‘Merkel and the minimum’, The Economist, Nov 5th, 2011:

For official references:,did=323736.html

Manning had interviews reported in Die Welt:

And Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung:

International organisations: For details of Manning’s talk to the European Trade Union Institute, see:

Relevant video and audio

LSE Works public lecture on 'The minimum wage in the UK and beyond', 26 February 2015:

Alan Manning on Majority Report (US) talking about minimum wages:

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