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Julian Le Grand

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About the author and department

Personal webpage:

Social Policy Department:


Relevant research

Le Grand, J. (2003) Motivation, Agency and Public Policy: Of Knights and Knaves, Pawns and Queens. Oxford University Press, Oxford. Revised edition, 2006.

Le Grand, J. (2007) The Other Invisible Hand: Delivering Public Services through Choice and Competition. Princeton University Press, Oxford.

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Le Grand, J. and New, B. (2015) Government Paternalism: Nanny State or Helpful Friend. Princeton University Press. 

Evidence of impact

Pupil premium

Chowdry, H., Greaves, E. and Sibieta, L. (2010) The Pupil Premium: Assessing the Options.  London: Institute for Fiscal Studies. p.17.

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Choice and competition in health care

Timmins, N. (2012) Never Again? The Story of the Health and Social Care Act of 2012. London: Institute for Government and Kings Fund.

Health and Social Care Bill:

David Cameron’s NHS speech:

House of Commons (2012) 29 Feb 2012 : Column 283

Social work practices

DfES (2007) Care Matters: Time for Change.  Cm 7317.

Notification of Proposal to Extend Adult Social Care Social Work Practice Pilot Sites

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Social work practice pilots (SWPs) – additional pilots

Munro, E. (2011) The Munro Review of Child Protection: Final Report, London: The Stationery Office. Page 167.


Relevant video and audio

Gearty Grilling with Julian Le Grand on how choice and competition improves public services:

Julian Le Grand on competition versus integration in the NHS, February 2011: 

Julian LeGrand on The Government Paternalist: Nanny state or helpful friend, 21 May 2015:

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