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Martin Knapp, David McDaid, Raphael Wittenberg and Adelina Comas-Herrera

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About the authors, department and centre

Personal webpages:

Martin Knapp:

David McDaid:

Raphael Wittenberg:

Adelina Comas-Herrera:

Social Policy Department:

Personal Social Sciences Research Unit (PSSRU):

Relevant research

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Evidence of impact


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Psychological therapies

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Suicide prevention

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Other resources

Martin Knapp, Savings on Sanity, LSE Connect, Summer 2014:

40 years of research on health and social care - the economics of mental health:!economics-of-mental-health/c1skf

40 years of research on health and social care - dementia care:!dementia-care/c1028

Relevant video and audio

Gearty Grilling with Martin Knapp on ‘Spending on mental health’ (October 2014):

Martin Knapp on “Curbing economic costs in public and mental health” (October 2013):

LSE Panel called “Who is it who can tell me who I am”: Understanding dementia through art and literature (28 February 2014):

Dave McDaid talks about PSSRU's mental health research:

Also link to videos or info at: e.g.

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