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Francesca Klug

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About the author and affiliations

Personal webpage:

LSE Sociology Department:

Centre for the Study of Human Rights:

Human Rights Futures Project:

Relevant research

Klug, F. (2015) A Magna Carta for all Humanity: Homing in on Human Rights. Oxford: Routledge. 

Klug, F. and H. Wildbore (2010) 'Follow or lead? The Human Rights Act and the European Court of Human Rights', European Human Rights Law Review 6: 621-30.

Klug, F. (2009) 'Solidity or wind? What's on the menu in the Bill of Rights debate?' The Political Quarterly 80(3): 420-26. For this peer-reviewed essay Klug was awarded the Bernard Crick prize for the best article published by the Political Quarterly in 2009.

Klug, F. (2007) 'A Bill of Rights: Do we need one or do we already have one?', Public Law 4: 701-19.

Klug Report on the working practices of the Joint Committee on Human Rights, Joint Committee on Human Rights, 2006.

Klug, F. (2005) ‘Human Rights: above politics or a creature of politics?’, Policy and Politics 33(1): 3-14.

Klug, F. (2003) ‘Judicial deference under the Human Rights Act’, European  Human  Rights Law Review 2: 125-33.

Evidence of impact

Lady Hale, ‘Argentoratum Locutum: Is the Supreme Court supreme?’, Nottingham Human Rights Lecture, 1 December 2011, citing Klug/Wildbore article ‘Follow or Lead?’ at p9:

Lord Judge’s evidence to the Joint Committee on Human Rights on 15 November, citing Klug/Wildbore article ‘Follow or Lead?’ at p2: 

Comparative Constitutional Law, Tom Ginsburg and Rosalind Dixon (eds), (Edward Elgar, 2011) citing Klug’s Values for a godless age: the history of the Human Rights Act and its political and legal consequences, Penguin, 2000 (pp300, 316).

Jack Straw, ‘The Human Rights Act: Ten years on’, (2010) 6 European Human Rights Law Review 576, citing Klug’s contribution to developing the HRA model.

Professor Mick Carpenter, ‘A Third Wave, Not a Third Way? New Labour, Human Rights and Mental Health in Historical Context’, (2009) 8(2) Social Policy and Society 215, citing Klug’s Values for a Godless Age.

‘The Committee’s Future Working Practices’, responding to and publishing the ‘Klug report’, JCHR report, July 2006.

‘Majority verdict: we already have a bill of rights’, Adam Wagner, Guardian website, 22 November 2011, citing HRF Project response to the Commission on a Bill of Rights:

Joint NGO Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review for 2012, convened by the British Institute of Human Rights, cites HRF Project’s legal briefing.

Equality and Diversity Forum’s response to the Commission Bill of Rights consultation on a bill of rights, citing HRF Project research in the appendices: 

Relevant video and audio

Francesca Klug in conversation with Conor Gearty about her new book A Magna Carta for all Humanity: Homing in on human rights at the Literary Festival 2015, recorded on 27 February 2015:

Gearty Grilling with Francesca Klug on human rights, 5 March 2015:

‘Should the Human Rights Act be replaced with a new Bill of Rights?’, LSE debate, 3 December 2012:

‘The Rights’ future’, LSE panel, 6 October 2010:

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