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Henrik Kleven

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About the author and department

Personal webpage:

Economics Department:

Relevant research

Kleven, Henrik and Mazhar Waseem (2013) ‘Using Notches to Uncover Optimization Frictions and Structural Elasticities: Theory and Evidence from Pakistan’, Quarterly Journal of Economics 128: 669-723.

Note: subscription required to access full article) Kleven, Henrik, Claus Kreiner and Emmanuel Saez (2009) ‘The Optimal Income Taxation of Couples’, Econometrica 77: 537-60.

Kleven, Henrik, Martin Knudsen, Claus Kreiner, Søren Pedersen and Emmanuel Saez (2011) ‘Unwilling or Unable to Cheat? Evidence from a Tax Audit Experiment in Denmark’, Econometrica 79: 651-92.

Evidence of impact

Best, Michael (2013) Strategy Note on Engagement between the International Growth Centre and the Federal Board of Revenue, Pakistan, February.

IGC Policy Brief (2012) Estimating Behavioural Responses and Improving Efficiency of Income Tax in Pakistan, March. See project description and access working paper at:

Skattekommissionen (2009) Skattekommissionens forslag til skattereform (Tax Reform Proposal of the Tax Commission), February.

Relevant videos and podcasts

Presentation on 'Taxation and development' at the UK Department for International Development (February 2015):

‘Facts about Taxes’ presentation at Becker Friedman Institute (October 2013):

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