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Karen E Smith

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Relevant research

K.E. Smith (2010) 'The European Union at the Human Rights Council: Speaking with One Voice but Having Little Influence', Journal of European Public Policy 17(2) 224-41.

K.E. Smith (2006) 'Speaking with One Voice? European Union Coordination on Human Rights Issues at the United Nations', Journal of Common Market Studies 44(1) 113-37.

K.E. Smith (2006) 'The European Union, Human Rights and the United Nations', in K. Laatikainen and K.E. Smith eds The European Union at the United Nations: Intersecting Multilateralisms Palgrave 154-74.

K.E. Smith (2010) Genocide and the Europeans Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. LSE Research Online ID: 29674 

K.E. Smith (2003) European Union Foreign Policy in a Changing World, Cambridge: Polity Press. LSE Research Online ID: 21595

K.E. Smith (2001) 'The EU, Human Rights and Relations with Third Countries: "Foreign Policy" with an Ethical Dimension?', in K.E. Smith and M. Light (eds) Ethics and Foreign Policy Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 185-203. Available from LSE on request.

Evidence of impact

Review of the Human Rights Council: Study: The European Union and the Review of the Human Rights Council.

(15:28) European Parliament resolution.

Task Force on EU Prevention of Mass Atrocities: The Report of the Task Force: (goes directly to report) or (website with the link)

European Parliament’s resolution on the responsibility to protect.

Video of the UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser for the Prevention of Genocide endorsing the Report (about 2 minutes). In general his whole presentation reinforces our findings and recommendations: see especially 24.30 to 25.30.

Read their case study